Save the Ethernet services affected by transfer the broadcasting or snooping package on N4EFS0 board

The EFS0 board is an Ethernet processing board with transparent transmission and Layer 2 switching functions. It accesses eight 10M/100M Ethernet services, and performs service convergence and Ethernet Over SDH (EOS) function.

In terms of the customer reports services affected on N4EFS0 board and the services reported TU_LOP_VC12 alarm1. Check the RMON performance and see the Broadcast Packets Received, if it has the value over 50M the NP chip is saturated.

A large broadcasting packages are passing on N4EFS0 board, then cause the NP chip hung up.
The N4EFS0 board has a capacity of 50M (including the GE port) to transfer the broadcasting or snooping package, if it is over of 50M, the package loss will happen on this board.


Execute reset on the N4EFS0 board.


1. Change the ELAN service to ELINE service if the ELAN service has some much broadcasting packages.

2. Replace the N4EFS0 board by N5EFS0, because the N5EFS0 board is more powerful to handle broadcasting package.

The N4EFS0 board has a capacity of 50M (including the GE port), not configure more capcity of the range


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