See service fast delivery on OTN

Fast Delivery
With E2E ODU0/ODU1/ODU2 Grooming

                               ≤ GE            2.5G               10G


Service rated less than 1.25G could be mapped into ODU0. and 2.5G rate could be mapped into ODU1, and 10G service is mapped into ODU2. others could be mapped into ODUflex (set as 1~80 GE bandwidth)。

 Industrial 1st ODUflex Hitless Resizing Prototype

Flex Pipe, CBR & IP Full Rates Adaptable


FlexWire:a flexible pipe to connecting Packet and Circuit domain

High efficiency:a Cost effective leased line solution for coarse granularity(>GE)

Future proof:any bitrate service, GPON,CPRI-4/5/6 and FC-400/800, 3G-SDI etc


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