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During the Rerouting in the ASON Network, the Protection Switching Time May Exceed the Specification Value

Issue Description In the networking scenario with the WSS or WSD board, the protection switching time may exceed the specification value if the optical power is adjusted improperly. For example, in the previous ASON networking, The current route is marked in pink and the NS2 board is configured with SNCP protection. Reset the FIU board,… Read More »


Pay Attention to the Interruption of SNCP Service on OSN 9500

Symptom: When the protection path of the ASON diamond SNCP service is interrupted on huawei transmission equipment OSN 9500, the service is interrupted. Identification method: 1. When the protection path of the ASON SNCP service is interrupted, the service is interrupted. 2. The ASON SNCP service is upgraded from a static SNCP service. [Root Cause] This… Read More »

Why we still need optical ASON

ASON Increases 10 Folds Network Reliability Why do we need optical protection ?Simpler and  faster than IP restoration, avoids the number of data links failure and routing shaking,  when  optical cable is broken   Why do we need ASON protection ?Reliability decreased by 10 folds, when distance more than 600km Automated restoration against Multi failure… Read More »

Helps you troubleshooting lower order service Deviating on OSN3500 from tunnel

On an automatically switched optical network (ASON), the actual cross-connections of lower order services on tunnels may be inconsistent with the ports on the ASON tunnels due to service rerouting, loss of route optimization information, faulty OSN3500 databases, or abnormal resets of the system control and communication board. That is, lower order services deviate from tunnels.… Read More »

How to Reverting ASON Trails

After rerouting, you can revert an ASON trail to the original route or the route before rerouting, based on the reverting function that is supported by the ASON. Then follow thunder-link.com show you how to operate it. Prerequisites You must be an NM user with “NE operator” authority or higher. The ASON trail must be… Read More »

How to create two associated ASON circuits

The ASON trail association function associates two services so that service trails are separated whenever possible during service rerouting and optimization. Prerequisites You must be an NM user with “NE operator” authority or higher. Background Information Only services with the same source node support association. Association is supported between silver trails, between copper trails, between… Read More »

How to Creating a Diamond ASON Service on OSN 3500

You can create an ASON trail with the diamond-class protection. Prerequisites You must be an NM user with “NE operator” authority or higher. The NMS synchronizes network-wide TE links and there are sufficient TE link sources. Background Information When you create a diamond service, you need to properly configure the rerouting attributes as required. The… Read More »

OTN has taken 100G to the next level

Optical transport networking (OTN) technologies, working in tandem with high-speed transmission gear, have made 100G transport a far more versatile and practical solution than its origins had indicated, and its commercial takeoff is already underway. Editor: Linda Xu xushenglan@huawei.com OTN: A technological engine Optical 100G transport sounds impressive, but it was once a costly underachiever.… Read More »