Issue Description In the networking scenario with the WSS or WSD board, the protection switching time may exceed the specification […]
Symptom: When the protection path of the ASON diamond SNCP service is interrupted on huawei transmission equipment OSN 9500, the service […]
ASON increases-4
ASON Increases 10 Folds Network Reliability Why do we need optical protection ?Simpler and  faster than IP restoration, avoids the […]
creating two assisted ASON circuits
On an automatically switched optical network (ASON), the actual cross-connections of lower order services on tunnels may be inconsistent with […]
Ason services
The consistent selective receiving function, which ensures that the forward working trail and reverse working trail of a service traverse […]
After rerouting, you can revert an ASON trail to the original route or the route before rerouting, based on the […]
creating two assisted ASON circuits
The ASON trail association function associates two services so that service trails are separated whenever possible during service rerouting and […]
Diamond ASON Service
You can create an ASON trail with the diamond-class protection. Prerequisites You must be an NM user with “NE operator” […]
Optical transport networking (OTN) technologies, working in tandem with high-speed transmission gear, have made 100G transport a far more versatile […]