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Be aware of SSN3PSXCSA replace Cross-connect Board on OptiX OSN 3500

Summary: When an SSN3PSXCSA (Ver.B) board is used to replace another cross-connect board, after the SSN3PSXCSA (Ver.B) board is inserted into the subrack, the state of the original active cross-connect board is abnormal and NE services are interrupted. After about 40s, the state of the original active board is back to normal and services recover.… Read More »


Notice of Warm Resets on Cross-Connect Board on your NG-SDH

Abstract: The communication of the 485 communication module fails frequently. As a result, warm resets occur frequently on the cross-connect board on optical transmission NG-SDH  equipment. In this case, service interruption may be caused. Trigger Condition: The 485 communication module on the board is faulty. Problem Phenomena: 1. The boards on the NE report the COMMUN_FAIL… Read More »

Beware of Using a Single Cross-connect Board for OSN 7500

[Problem Description] Trigger condition: The problem described in this pre-warning is occasionally triggered when the following conditions are all met: 1. More than 16 processing boards are used on an NE. 2. Only one cross-connect board is powered on. Problem Description The NE reports a COMMUN_FAIL alarm, or MSP switching fails. Identification Methods: Check the… Read More »