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Technical Issues for 40G DWDM

Technical issues for 40G transport such as sensitivity, chromatic dispersion(CD) and polarization dispersion(PD) have been solved, enabling commercial deployment of 40G technology.  Most of the technical challenges associated with 40G DWDM are already widely understood, as challenges from the 10G world taken to more demanding levels. In some cases, the tighter tolerances associated with driving… Read More »


OTN Fundamental-1

OTN, everybody now talking OTN, instead of CWDM/DWDM, what exactly OTN was, here we collect some document and information, to show you some basic fundamental about OTN. History of transport network ITU-T OTN Definition Firstly What is OTN? OTN is an industry-standard optical transport protocol   ITU G.872 “Architecture for the Optical Transport Network (OTN)” (Oct… Read More »

OTN has taken 100G to the next level

Optical transport networking (OTN) technologies, working in tandem with high-speed transmission gear, have made 100G transport a far more versatile and practical solution than its origins had indicated, and its commercial takeoff is already underway. Editor: Linda Xu xushenglan@huawei.com OTN: A technological engine Optical 100G transport sounds impressive, but it was once a costly underachiever.… Read More »