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Ever painful with NE_POWER_OVER alarm on OSN 3500 ?

  NE_POWER_OVER alarm on OSN 3500 due to limitation in software version Problem is reported by customer that they are facing service interruption on already running ethernet services on OSN 3500 after installing of new boards in the NE.Following steps were taken to resolve the issue: First the all the alarms on the NE… Read More »


FAQ- The Situation of EOS board transparently transmit the LACP packet

It need transparently transmit the LACP packet when MSTP device interconnect to DataCome or wireless. But mostly the LACP packet cannot transparently transmit using EOS board. The article will tell story. 1.For the transparently transmit board, it use the SD8820 chip, it need disable the function of port detecting, then the LACP can transparently transmit.… Read More »

Much Virtual concatenation delay lead to EoS service interrupt

Firstly, Eth service is running on MSTP link with virtual concatenation. And it’s configured with LCAS. Customer complains the link interrupts occasionally for a short time.Alarm FCS_ERR,ALM_GFP_dLFD report at the same time. The issue happens 8 times in one month.Topology as attached. Version of equipment and boards as below:OSN3500: V100R008C01B01C EGS4: 1.17 OSN8800: V100R006C01 EGSH:… Read More »

Solution ——N4EGS4 activation timeout when OSN3500 use simulation package loading from V1R10 to V1R9

The SSN1EGS4 is a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board with Part Number03051249.The SSN1EGS4 is available in three functional versions, namely, N1, N3 and N4.  Here is the solution of the problem: 【Problem Summary】OSN3500 NE degrade fail(V1R10 > V1R9) 【Problem Details】OSN3500 use simulation package loading from V1R10C03SPC203 down V1R9SPC200, N4EGS4 board fails to start after activation, leading to activation of overtime 1.Collecting downgrade DC log, see DC on the data board made​​: cfg-reset-board after a soft reset command, The board online but the state fails. You can judge the board did… Read More »