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How to Clear the DBMS_ERROR Alarm Reported After an Upgrade

Constraint: l This recovery guide is applicable to V200R011C03SPC200, V200R012C00, and V200R012C01 only. 1 Identifying the Problem 1.1 Querying the Database Run the :dbms-query:”23310000.dbf”,mdb command. The query result is shown in the following attachment:《Result.txt》   1.2 Checking Whether a Residual SNCP Pointer Exists As shown in the attachment in 1.1 “Querying the Database”, the 3112103 field is 00 but… Read More »


The Feature of Huawei MA5600

1 Abundant Port Types The Huawei MA5600 provides various network ports, service ports, and maintenance ports to meet different networking requirements. Table 1 lists the ports provided by the MA5600. Port Type Port Name Remarks Network port FE optical and electrical port The network port supports the electrical port, single-mode optical port, and multi-mode optical port. They… Read More »

How to change the MA5600T Boards

Digest: The H805ADPD, H805VDMF, H805VDRD, and H80ASHLM boards of MA5600T product need to be upgraded because their DDR1 memories are changed. Such a change is for customers using these boards. Sub-product line: Access network             Product: MA5600T Problem Description 1.Product Engineering Code Change 2.Change Strategy 1) Change Scope: The sites with H805ADPD,H805VDMF,H805VDRD,H80ASHLM boards 2) Change relation : The new boards are produced with new DDR1 memories, all the function and performance are the same ,the BOM is the same too. The boards current used in sites won’t be effected. 3) Change finish date : H805ADPD:2010-12-31.Huawei will use old DDR1 memories to product board to deliver before 2010-12-31, and please push the related office to upgrade the corresponding IO board package files and software patches as soon as possible .We will deliver the new board after 2010-12-31, and won’t be permitted to deliver the boards if the office didn’t upgrade the corresponding patches. H805VDMF, H805VDRD, H80ASHLM:2010-9-30, please push the related office to upgrade the corresponding IO board package files and software patches as soon as possible. 3. Spare part Strategy The new board as spare part Impact and Risk Functions and performances of the upgraded boards are not affected if the corresponding IO board package files and software patches were not upgraded H805ADPD:Proved by test ,the abnormal rate arrived about 30% if the board without corresponding IO board package files, exceed normal . H805VDMF,H805VDRD,H80ASHLM:Proved by test, the abnormal rate didn’t increase, but it also exist the same risk as H805ADPD board. Measures and Solutions Solution: The related office which used these kinds new boards or will switch to theses kinds new boards ,please upgrade to the corresponding IO board package files and software patches , as listed in the following table. Attachment NUll