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Power Module Failure on the TN11AUX Board of OSN 6800?

Summary: The power module (provided by LINEAGE) fails after working for a long time on the Huawei DWDM board TN11AUX on Huawei OptiX OSN 6800 . [Problem Description] Trigger condition: 1. The PCB version of the TN11AUX board is VER.B. 2. The TN11AUX board uses a power module provided by LINEAGE. Symptom: The TN11AUX board reports a HARD_BAD alarm… Read More »


Have You Ever Meet Of The OCTL Port Application in the OptiX OSN 1800

Summary An OCTL port on a TNF1SCC board can only be connected to an OCTL port on a CTL board of an OADM frame through a straight-through network cable. Due to the fact that the OCTL port appears similar to a common network port, the OCTL port is likely to be misconnected and short-circuited, causing… Read More »

Do you know there is a Fuse on your OSN6800 WSS board?

Precautions: 1. Before performing the rectification, confirm the rectification plan and material supply plan with the product line contacts. 2. Rectify the affected networks without protection with preference. 3. For long-term failure of components, preferentially rectify the boards that were delivered between 2008 and 2009. [Problem Description] This notice applies to the following ROADM boards… Read More »