What are the differences between the coarse wavelength division multiplexer (CWDM) and the dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDM)? In optical fiber communication, […]
OSN 1500
Issue Description Due to the temperature of OSN1500B is very high, many equipment report the TEMP_HIGH alarm although the air condition is working well. We query the T2000 NMS, and can’t find the setting. Handling Process The temperature is detected by the cross-connect boards, so you can only set the tempth on cross-connect boards.  :cfg-get-bdtempth:81 BOARD-TEMP-TH  TEMP-HIGH-TH TEMP-LOW-TH  650 0  Total records :1  :cfg-set-bdtempth:80,700,5 :cfg-get-bdtempth:80 BOARD-TEMP-TH  TEMP-HIGH-TH TEMP-LOW-TH  700 5  Total records :1  Root Cause When […]
PCB version TN11AUX board
Summary: The power module (provided by LINEAGE) fails after working for a long time on the Huawei DWDM board TN11AUX on Huawei […]
Huawei Optix OSN1800 OADM
Summary An OCTL port on a TNF1SCC board can only be connected to an OCTL port on a CTL board […]
Summary: In recent years, the long spare part in-transit time has become a major factor leading to the long fault […]
huawei-roadm osn6800wss
Precautions: 1. Before performing the rectification, confirm the rectification plan and material supply plan with the product line contacts. 2. […]