Issue Description Networking: CPOS interface of NE40-OSN-3G NODEB NE40 obtains the clock from OSN and NODEB obtains the clock from NE40. 1. After the transmission OSN and the optical interface of NE40 are connected,     there is pointer adjustment alarm on transmission network management. 2. NODEB on CPOS interface of NE40 cannot obtain the clock. 3. The clock mode and clock source of NE40 are incorrect.          Current source: 0           Clock is in hold mode   […]
Issue Description After upgraded from V600R001 to V600R003, the Huawei NE40E-X16 cannot establish a BGP peer relationship with an competing […]
Issue Description Huawei NE40E router, NE40E-M2K-B V800R011 device has four 100GE/40GE  interfaces by default. As shown in the following image, when there is no 100GE feature […]
The capacity of NE40E-X8A not increased to 80G after installed SP80 card, how to solve it?   Issue Description Installed […]
A message is displayed prompting password modification every time a Telnet, SSH, or Console login is performed. Need to select […]
Huawei NE40E
Issue Description An NE40E X8A V800R008C10SPC100 installed with the patch V800R008SPH007 is restarted. The analysis of the collected information shows […]
Huawei NE40E
Issue Description Version information: V300R006C01SPC003 Configuration: ip route-static x.x.47.59 x.x.48.131 description To: RenHangMQ Symptom: After a static route is […]