Issue Description Device : HG8240H Version : V3R015C108130 An issue with  HG8240H. From LAN can’t access to via HTTP.  Already […]
For troubleshoot an ONT issue, sometimes we will need to capture packets on its ports for analysis. Usually we have […]
Issue Description Based on the customer network topology, he wants to create and Configure VLANs on the ONTs Ethernet Ports: –  one […]
MA5800-X7, HG8247H5
Issue Description There are issues in deploying a new GPOL network . The network is unstable and ONTs are flapping. […]
Issue Description Customer reported an urgent issue that more than 150 Huawei ONT are disconnected from one OLT suddenly. All […]
An optical transport network (OTN) is a network consisting of optical network elements (NEs) connected by fiber links. The OTN […]
There are many users who said that the configuration information cannot be saved after configuration at Huawei ONT web page. […]
Huawei GPON Network
Line maintenance is important for voice services. When service quality issues or call failures occur before or after service provisioning, […]
Home broadband router is a router that user number is relatively small, such as the 4LAN port router, which can supply 4 computer. To buy a home broadband router, first of all, you should need […]