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1+1 Dual-Ended Switching Was Triggered on a DCP Board?

A Huawei WDM network consisted of five rings. An M40v board and a D40 board were used on each NE as the multiplexer and demultiplexer. LDX boards were used to forward 10GE LAN services. Dual-ended intra-board 1+1 protection was configured by using DCP boards. After the PAT, switchovers occurred frequently on the channels between NE… Read More »


Disclosure of enmity between Huawei and Cisco in the past ten years part 2

Continue from previous part.. Actually, the reason of a head-on confrontation between Huawei and Cisco is not sufficient and shouldn’t have been ‘deadly rival’ at all from business perspective, at least up to the present period. All the time, Huawei’s main revenue position is in basic network market of operator; and although the present terminal… Read More »