Issue Description Why Are Only Two Optical Interfaces Displayed After a 4-Port Front subcard Is Installed in an S5700? Solution […]
The web system is a GUI-based device-management tool that helps provision the device, simplify device deployment and manageability, and improve […]
Abstract We need to  mount a tunnel from the ASR9000 to the ASR1000-2, so through the Huawei switch. However, the […]
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Huawei S7700 series
This article mainly talks about How to clear password for console user from BootROM for Switches with 2 MPU boards. […]
Issue Description Device model: S5700-28C-EI-24S Software version: V200R003C00SPC300 Networking overview: S5700— network management system SNMP configuration script: snmp-agent snmp-agent local-engineid […]
Huawei Switch
Issue Description On the CE12800 running V2R1C00SPC700, a 40GE interface works at a rate of 40 Gbit/s when connecting to […]