Abstract The customer uses TACACS server as the authentication method, after he configures on the switch S5700, but he always […]
Abstract: This topic elaborates on CDP issue of Huawei Switch(V200R007C00SPC500) integration with Cisco Switch.   Issue Description Statement: Customer had […]
Abstract This topics gives an example that users are unaware of Portal Authentication in Layer 3 networking scenario and how […]
Issue Description We noticed one thing, while testing  S5720-HI switch with V200R007C00SPC500 version onboard. We configured L3 interface from L2 […]
Issue Description Fault sympton: when the customer tried to backup the configuration to eSight they noticed the below error message on […]
Issue Description Some wireless terminals connected to the X1E cards on the S12708 running V200R010C00SPC600 fail to obtain IP addresses. […]
Abstract This topic mainly describe the basic license knowledge and introduce to license control items supported by CE12800 series switches […]
Figure 1 Shows the procedure for troubleshooting a power module. Figure 1 Power module troubleshooting flowchart Procedure Check the indicator on […]
What should we do if MQC configuration is invalid on Huawei CE switch like CE6800 CE8800 CE12800? 1, Checking Whether the […]
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When you attach 2 switch model s6700-48-EI using SFP+ SFP-10G-CU1M optical transceiver you get following error building iStack: [STAR-25-A-stack-port0/1]port interface […]