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How to do when Failing to Connect the 155 Mbit/s Optical Port on the Router of Company C

When the OptiX OSN 1500 is connected to the 155 Mbit/s optical port of the router of company C, the LP_RDI alarm is generated in the 2 Mbit/s service. The relevant analysis shows that the higher order path overheads of the line board are in the pass-through state, which results in the lower order service… Read More »


When Interruption of Existing Services on Some Data Boards of OSN Products

Keywords: MSTP, SDH, OptiX OSN 9500 Abstract: For an SSN4EGS4/SSN5EFS0/SSN3EFS4/SSN3EGS2/SSN1EFS0A/SSN1EMS2 board of version 2.44 or earlier, an SSN2EGT2 board of version 2.19 or earlier, and SSJ6EGT6A board of all static versions, binding timeslots on new VCTRUNKs with LCAS enabled may result in the interruption of existing services after the boards are warm reset. [Problem Description] Trigger… Read More »

when Ring MSP Configuration Failures on SSN1SLQ16 Boards on OSN 3500 Products

Keywords: SSN1SLQ16, MSTP, OptiX OSN 3500 [Problem Description] Trigger condition: 1. The version of an OSN 3500 NE is one of the versions listed in Versions Involved in the preceding table. 2. The logical board is SSN1SLQ16. 3. Configuration data is downloaded from the network management system (NMS), or ports are deleted and then added. Symptom: l During the configuration of the multiplex section… Read More »

Why Broadcast Packets Cannot Be Transmitted Successfully on Several HMSTP Data Boards?

Keywords: OptiX OSN 3500/7500/7500 II, ELAN, LAG, PW, UNI, MSTP Summary: When a physical port on a SSN1PEG8, SSN1PEX2, SSN2PEX1, TNN1EG8, TNN1EG16, or TNN1EX2 board of the OptiX OSN 3500/7500/7500 II in a link aggregation group (LAG) is configured in an ELAN, and the board has only one UNI and one PW interface in the ELAN, some broadcast packets cannot be transmitted successfully in the ELAN.  … Read More »

Warning of Unexpected NE Resets Resulted from Resetting Boards Without a CPU on MSTP NEs

[Problem Description] Triggering conditions l An NE houses N4GSCC boards. l The NE runs a version involved. l A technician reseats a board without a CPU or its serving processing board on the NE. The following lists boards without a CPU: Interface boards: SSN1D75S, SSN1D12S, SSN1D34S, SSN1EU08, SSN1EU08A, SSN1OU08, SSN1TSB4, SSN1TSB8, SSN1EU04, SSN1C34S, SSN1MU04, SSN2OU08, SSN1D12B, SSN1ETF8, SSN1EFF8, SSN1ETS8, SSN1DM12, SSN1ETF8A,… Read More »

NE Configuration Loss Due to Disabling of the Automatic and Periodic Database Backup Functions on MSTP Products

Summary:If the automatic and periodic database backup functions of an MSTP NE are disabled, NE configurations may be lost after the system control board is warm or cold reset, active and standby system control boards switch over, or the NE is restarted. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: This problem occurs if the following conditions are met: Automatic and periodic database backup functions of the NE are disabled. After automatic and periodic database backup functions of the NE are disabled, modifications such as service configuration or ASON rerouting are made to the NE. The system control board is warm or cold reset, active and standby system control boards switch over, or the NE is restarted. Fault symptoms: After the system control board is warm or cold rest or active and standby system control boards switch over, some configurations modified after automatic and periodic database backup functions of the NE are disabled may be lost. In this case, a service board reset will result in complete or incomplete service interruption. After the NE is restarted, some configurations modified after automatic and periodic database backup functions of the NE are disabled may be lost, resulting in complete or incomplete service interruption. Identification method: This problem can be identified using the inspection tool or commands. Problem identification using the inspection tool For OptiX OSN 5X0 (except OptiX OSN 580) of versions earlier than V100R006C00, OptiX OSN 2000, OptiX OSN 1500/2500/2500REG/3500/3500II/3580/7500/7500II of V100R010 and TDM versions earlier than V100R010, OptiX OSN 9500, and OptiX OSN 9560, run the check item selected in the following figure. For OptiX OSN 5X0 (except OptiX OSN 580) of V100R006C00 and later versions, and OptiX OSN 1500/2500/2500REG/3500/3500II/3580/7500/7500II of V100R009C03, V200R011, and packet versions later than V200R011, run the check item selected in the following figure.   For OptiX OSN 580, run the check item selected in the following figure. For OptiX Metro 1000 V300, run the check item selected in the following figure. For OptiX Metro 3000, run the check item selected in the following figure.     If the check results meet the analysis result shown in the following figure, the automatic and periodic database backup functions are disabled.   Problem identification using commands Whether automatic and periodic database backup functions are enabled cannot be queried using the NMS. Periodic database backup Run the :dbms-get-cyclebackup command. If the returned result is disable, periodic database backup is disabled. The following figure shows an example.     Automatic database backup Run the :dbms-get-autobackup command. If the returned result is disable, automatic database backup is disabled. The following figure shows an example.   [Root Cause] After automatic and periodic database backup functions of the NE are disabled, new configurations or configuration modifications cannot be saved to the database.… Read More »

Do you ever meet the problem—tunnel service down in your network MSTP+

on OSN3500/7500 MSTP+ V200R012C01SPC100 service for tunnel suddenly got MPLS_TUNNEL_BDI/MPLS_TUNNEL_FDI alarm, before was all fine, no fiber cut or other board problem/faulty alarm. 1. Please check arp table either via navigator :ethn-cfg-get-arptable:all or via U2000 NE explorer-packet configuration-control plane – address parse on both sides 2. if no mac address, probably that’s causes service down,… Read More »

Much Virtual concatenation delay lead to EoS service interrupt

Firstly, Eth service is running on MSTP link with virtual concatenation. And it’s configured with LCAS. Customer complains the link interrupts occasionally for a short time.Alarm FCS_ERR,ALM_GFP_dLFD report at the same time. The issue happens 8 times in one month.Topology as attached. Version of equipment and boards as below:OSN3500: V100R008C01B01C EGS4: 1.17 OSN8800: V100R006C01 EGSH:… Read More »

Welcoming 3G Services——the MSTP+ Network Design & Configuration

All the Node B should be aggregated through RTN with MSTP+equipment at aggregation site and then integrated with RNC through two active/standby switch followed by protected Tx path. Also MSTP node should be aggregated with MSTP+ at RNC Station which carrying EoS service to integrate Node B. Please see the following basic network architecture as… Read More »