Issue Description L2TP Users failed to go online from an NE40E device that function as a LAC, the LNS is […]
Abstract This topic will focus on how configure the NAT function on NE40E router for easy NAT deployment. Introduction to […]
Abstract It is noted that the CGN service was interrupted at an A site; the service interruption started at around […]
Abstract We found traffic to some special websites was unreachable, after traceroute the website on the gateway NE40E-X8A, it works […]
A message is displayed prompting password modification every time a Telnet, SSH, or Console login is performed. Need to select […]
Huawei CR5D0MPUD170
The MPU on the NE80E/40E is currently installed with a 1GB memory bar manufactured by vendor A. The MPU memory now needs […]
Introduction This document describes how to troubleshoot failures in logging in to Huawei NE40E Router in typical PPPoE user access […]