Summary: The software watchdog on the system control board of OSN Products an NE is occasionally reset when ASON gold services are created, rerouted, optimized, and changed among protection levels. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: New gold services are created or the existing gold services are rerouted, optimized, or changed among protection levels. Symptom: NEs are unreachable and abnormally reset. Identification method: 1. A version that has the problem is used at the site. 2. The preceding trigger conditions are met. 3. The preceding symptom occurs. 4. Run the :mon-get-errlog:bid; (bid indicates the […]
Huawei SSN1GSCC Board
Summary: The ASON network is unstable. Fiber cut frequently occurs and ASON services are rerouted constantly. In this case, the system control board of an NE is prone to be reset when network resources are insufficient or residual cross connections exist. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem is triggered if the following conditions are met:  The network is an ASON network and fiber cut frequently occurs. There are tunnel services and reroute failure events in the ASON domain. There are CP_TEL_PATH_MIS and CP_TEL_MSP_MIS alarms in the ASON domain. Symptom: The system control […]