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Notice on Orderwire Interruptions in GSCC Boards of OSN3500 and OSN7500

Abstract: Few SSN1GSCC02 and SSN3GSCC02 boards have degraded clock signals due to the critical-state quality of clock signals on the orderwire chip SPI and individual variances among boards (for example, in PCB layout and build-out resistor precision). There is a low possibility that these boards experience warm resets. If this occurred on an active SSN1GSCC02… Read More »


How to properly configure the Orderwire on OSN Equipment-part1

Configuring Orderwire To provide the maintenance personnel with a dedicated express orderwire channel, you can configure orderwire for NEs. Prerequisites You must be an NM user with NE operator authority or higher. Procedure 1.     In the NE Explorer, select an NE and choose Configuration > Orderwire from the Function Tree. Click the General tab. 2.     Click Query to query information from the NE. 3.     Set Call… Read More »