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Incorrect Configuration of the ZL80018 Chip on OptiX OSN 1800

Keywords: TNF1LDX, TNF2LSX, TNF2ELOM, OptiX OSN 1800 Summary: On the TNF1LDX, TNF2LSX, and TNF2ELOM boards intended for the OptiX OSN 1800 of V100R003C01SPC300 and earlier versions, the ZL80018 chips in version H occasionally fail to be configured. As a result, bit errors are generated on the WDM side of the peer end or services are unavailable.… Read More »


What’s the alarm on the OptiX OSN 1800II board restarts after power-off

Summary: When the OptiX OSN 1800II device restarts after power-off, the SCC board reports the HARD_BAD and MOD_COM_FAIL alarms and the HARD_BAD and MOD_COM_FAIL alarms persist. Product Family: WDM     Product Model: OptiX OSN 1800II [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: This problem occasionally occurs (about a 1% probability) when OptiX OSN 1800II devices using V100R005C10SPC100 or earlier versions restart… Read More »

Watch out Wavelength Information of the TNF1X40 on the OSN 1800

Summary: The wavelength information of the huawei dwdm TNF1X40 board is not verified at the equipment manufacturing and assembly stage. As a result, wavelength information at some ports of the board is not recorded. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: Wavelength informaion is not properly displayed when the wavelength information of the TNF1X40 board is queried. Symptom:… Read More »

Huawei OTN Products Brief Profile

  OSN 1800 II2M~10G Full Rates8-chSingle BoxFits Anywhere OSN 6800 O+E Grooming360G ODUk XC4/9-D ROADM OSN 8800 T16 Multi Grooming640G/1.6T ODUkPID 8/12/20×10G OSN 8800 T32 Ultra Tbit1.28T/3.2T XC40G/100G 1500km OSN8800 T64 Ultra Tbit2.56T/6.4T XC40G/100G 1500km BWS 1600G Traditional WDM10G 5000km40G/100G 1500km Now Huawei nearly stopped suppling BWS1600G, except for submarine project; mainstream is OSN6800 and OSN8800.… Read More »