Abstract This article uses an example to describe how to configure the WDM system on OSN3500 that is composed of […]
Issue Description SLQ4 board is hardly fully utilize in slot 1 to slot 4 in OSN 3500 although the slot […]
To clear bit errors that occur due to loose connection of the PGND cable, reconnect the PGND cable. Product OptiX […]
Summary: When the active system control board on an NG-SDH product of a version listed in Versions Involved in the preceding […]
Keywords: OptiX OSN 3500/7500/7500 II, ELAN, LAG, PW, UNI, MSTP Summary: When a physical port on a SSN1PEG8, SSN1PEX2, SSN2PEX1, TNN1EG8, TNN1EG16, […]
【Problem Summary】”3G service not pass in STM-1 by LAG_Ticket 【Problem Details】Product Information: OptiX OSN 3500 Version Information: V1R8 SR Severity: […]
Problem: no operation do, but all the board of osn3500 become grey. service is ok. version: OSN3500 V100R009C04SPC200 the possible […]
Creating an MS Ring Protection Subnet The MS ring protection scheme is adopted in a common ring network. Normally, it […]
Configuring Orderwire To provide the maintenance personnel with a dedicated express orderwire channel, you can configure orderwire for NEs. Prerequisites […]