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When Install SLQ4 board on slot 1 to slot 4 in OSN 3500?

Issue Description SLQ4 board is hardly fully utilize in slot 1 to slot 4 in OSN 3500 although the slot capacity can support until 5G. NG-SDH manual: When the cross-connect capacity is 80 Gbit/s or 200 Gbit/s(S/I XCS), for the board housed in any of slots 1–4 and 15–16, two optical interfaces can be configured. For the board housed in… Read More »


Why Broadcast Packets Cannot Be Transmitted Successfully on Several HMSTP Data Boards?

Keywords: OptiX OSN 3500/7500/7500 II, ELAN, LAG, PW, UNI, MSTP Summary: When a physical port on a SSN1PEG8, SSN1PEX2, SSN2PEX1, TNN1EG8, TNN1EG16, or TNN1EX2 board of the OptiX OSN 3500/7500/7500 II in a link aggregation group (LAG) is configured in an ELAN, and the board has only one UNI and one PW interface in the ELAN, some broadcast packets cannot be transmitted successfully in the ELAN.  … Read More »

3G service not pass in STM-1 due to SNCP problem

【Problem Summary】”3G service not pass in STM-1 by LAG_Ticket 【Problem Details】Product Information: OptiX OSN 3500 Version Information: V1R8 SR Severity: Major Problem Description: 3G service not pass in STM-1 by LAG Customer requirement: to pass combined (2G+3G service) through 2 path as active and protection.   1.    MW path 2.    Huawei Optix STM-1 path… Read More »

How to properly configure the Orderwire on OSN Equipment-part1

Configuring Orderwire To provide the maintenance personnel with a dedicated express orderwire channel, you can configure orderwire for NEs. Prerequisites You must be an NM user with NE operator authority or higher. Procedure 1.     In the NE Explorer, select an NE and choose Configuration > Orderwire from the Function Tree. Click the General tab. 2.     Click Query to query information from the NE. 3.     Set Call… Read More »