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How to do when the Occasional Failure to Go Online for TN11HSC1 Boards

Keywords: WDM, OptiX OSN 6800, OptiX OSN 8800 T16, OptiX OSN 8800 T32 Summary: When TN11HSC is upgraded to V100R007C00SPC200, V100R007C00SPC300, or V100R007C02SPC200, there is a low probability that it fails to go online in an OptiX OSN 8800 T16 subrack, OptiX OSN 8800 T32/T64 slave subrack, or OptiX OSN 6800 slave subrack. When the fault occurs,… Read More »


When Incorrect Fan Rotation Speed Adjustment of the OptiX OSN NG WDM Products

Keywords: WDM products,OptiX OSN NG WDM Summary: For the OptiX OSN NG WDM of a version earlier than V100R006C01SPC200, subrack temperature detection is implemented by the SCC board in the larger-number slot. It is implemented by the SCC board in the smaller-number slot only when the SCC board in the larger-number slot is asserted offline. The… Read More »

Huawei OTN Products Brief Profile

  OSN 1800 II2M~10G Full Rates8-chSingle BoxFits Anywhere OSN 6800 O+E Grooming360G ODUk XC4/9-D ROADM OSN 8800 T16 Multi Grooming640G/1.6T ODUkPID 8/12/20×10G OSN 8800 T32 Ultra Tbit1.28T/3.2T XC40G/100G 1500km OSN8800 T64 Ultra Tbit2.56T/6.4T XC40G/100G 1500km BWS 1600G Traditional WDM10G 5000km40G/100G 1500km Now Huawei nearly stopped suppling BWS1600G, except for submarine project; mainstream is OSN6800 and OSN8800.… Read More »