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Incorrect Configuration of the ZL80018 Chip on OptiX OSN 1800

Keywords: TNF1LDX, TNF2LSX, TNF2ELOM, OptiX OSN 1800 Summary: On the TNF1LDX, TNF2LSX, and TNF2ELOM boards intended for the OptiX OSN 1800 of V100R003C01SPC300 and earlier versions, the ZL80018 chips in version H occasionally fail to be configured. As a result, bit errors are generated on the WDM side of the peer end or services are unavailable.… Read More »


When Incorrect Fan Rotation Speed Adjustment of the OptiX OSN NG WDM Products

Keywords: WDM products,OptiX OSN NG WDM Summary: For the OptiX OSN NG WDM of a version earlier than V100R006C01SPC200, subrack temperature detection is implemented by the SCC board in the larger-number slot. It is implemented by the SCC board in the smaller-number slot only when the SCC board in the larger-number slot is asserted offline. The… Read More »

XFP not supporting FC800 services OSN8800 TN55TQX

TN55TQX card in general supports various service types including STM-64, OC192, 10GE, FC800, FC1200 or OTU2. However there are dedicated XFP modules (BOMs) for different services. Unfortunately U2000 does not alert or notify when user creates service with wrong XFP type. Moreover many XFPs will actually work although wrong service type is created. For example customer… Read More »


Symptom: In the deployment of the project of the OSN1500B Ring we have a problem that happened without any notice in the site with external clock reference,this alarms caused an cut of an BER test performed in the network. Alarm Information:  Those alarms are cleared without any operation and customer need know why those alarm happened.… Read More »

Reasons for logical abnormality and Fail restoration of TN serises DWDM board

Summary: When a warm reset is performed on a TN52XCH, TN52XCM, TNK2XCT, or TNK2SXM board that has not booted, the board becomes logically abnormal and cannot be restored to normal. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: For a TN52XCH, TN52XCM, TNK2XCT, or TNK2SXM board, when the physical board is installed but no logical board is configured or… Read More »

Please Pay Attention If You Have OptiX OSN 8800 Platform Subracks Delivered Before September 2012

Summary: Using a license file obtained before 2012-09-30, OptiX OSN 8800 platform subracks cannot be created after the U2000 is upgraded to V100R006C02SPC200 or a later  version.   [Problem Description] Trigger condition: If all of the following conditions are met, the issue will be triggered: 1. OptiX OSN 8800 platform subracks are delivered during the… Read More »