How to Check Whether the Wavelength Locking Function Is Configured for Huawei Wavelength-tunable OTU Board? Huawei DWDM OUT board includes […]
Keywords: TNF1LDX, TNF2LSX, TNF2ELOM, OptiX OSN 1800 Summary: On the TNF1LDX, TNF2LSX, and TNF2ELOM boards intended for the OptiX OSN 1800 […]
Keywords: WDM products,OptiX OSN NG WDM Summary: For the OptiX OSN NG WDM of a version earlier than V100R006C01SPC200, subrack temperature […]
Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 6800, OptixOSN 8800 Summary: For an NE of a version earlier than OptiX OSN 6800 V100R004C04SPC800 […]
TN55TQX card in general supports various service types including STM-64, OC192, 10GE, FC800, FC1200 or OTU2. However there are dedicated […]
1. 10G services on OSN 8800 layer interrupted 2. Three 10 G Services impacted for than 20 seconds. 1. The […]
A Huawei WDM network consisted of five rings. An M40v board and a D40 board were used on each NE […]
Huawei OSN 1500
Symptom: In the deployment of the project of the OSN1500B Ring we have a problem that happened without any notice in […]
Huawei TN series board
Summary: When a warm reset is performed on a TN52XCH, TN52XCM, TNK2XCT, or TNK2SXM board that has not booted, the […]
Huawei OSN 8800
Summary: Using a license file obtained before 2012-09-30, OptiX OSN 8800 platform subracks cannot be created after the U2000 is […]