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Huawei’s OTN Bandwidth Cloud idea

To Construct OTN Bandwidth Cloud: 0 Waste, 0 Wait, 0 Downtime 1、40G/100G Shared Big Pipe,  ‘0  Waste’ Bandwidth Investment Protection: Platform share, smooth upgrade to 40G/100G×80 λ 100% usage: ODUk/ODUflex Matrix to get bandwidth share all over the network 3 40G solution include the 3rd 40G coherent tech cover 100% of app. 100G coherent Set… Read More »


OTN technical innovation trend

Long Term OTN Technical Innovation 1、Bandwidth 40GbE/100GbE 100G LH >1500km 40G PID ODUflex CPRI (LTE) over OTN Ethnet over OTN MPLS-TP 400G/1T 2、Switching 20+ D ROADM 100G/400G ROADM Tunable Filter Universal XC for VC, ODU, and Packet 10T+ / Pbit OTN XC OBTN / OPS 3、Intelligence OVPN 40G/100G ASON Mesh Shared Protection PCE, UNI &… Read More »

Why we still need optical ASON

ASON Increases 10 Folds Network Reliability Why do we need optical protection ?Simpler and  faster than IP restoration, avoids the number of data links failure and routing shaking,  when  optical cable is broken   Why do we need ASON protection ?Reliability decreased by 10 folds, when distance more than 600km Automated restoration against Multi failure… Read More »