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Why sometimes NMS report alarm delayed

Why sometimes NMS report alarm delayed. We may also be found some alarm by NMS after a long time (some hours or some days). Devicetype : OSN 3500; version:v1r8c02spc200; U2000:V100R005C00CP6032 1.  szhw user has been used login the NE by NMS. 2.  check the user report state,it display “pause”. In this case the alarm has not automatically… Read More »


How to Creating a Diamond ASON Service on OSN 3500

You can create an ASON trail with the diamond-class protection. Prerequisites You must be an NM user with “NE operator” authority or higher. The NMS synchronizes network-wide TE links and there are sufficient TE link sources. Background Information When you create a diamond service, you need to properly configure the rerouting attributes as required. The… Read More »