MSTP Network Hierarchy As shown in Figure 1, the MSTP network consists of one or more MST regions. Each MST […]
OSN 3500
Huawei OSN3500 has various cross-connect board such as GXCSA, SXCSA, IXCSA, PSXCSA, with different cross-connect performance. Sometimes, the cross-connect board […]
When the OptiX OSN 1500 is connected to the 155 Mbit/s optical port of the router of company C, the […]
The main subrack is still in the running state when it is reconstructed into the extended subrack. At this time, […]
Abstract: Few SSN1GSCC02 and SSN3GSCC02 boards have degraded clock signals due to the critical-state quality of clock signals on the […]
temperature senser
Did you ever met to access external sensor alarm to transmission equipment like Huawei OSN1500, OSN2500, OSN3500 equipment, now we […]
Today we want to share a case study on“ How to solve your Bus_Err alarm problem on your Huawei OSN” BUS_ERR […]
GSCC is a system control and communication board with part number 03020DCM. The GSCC is available in 4 functional versions: N1GSCC,  N3GSCC, N4GSCC, N6GSCC. The functions provided by the […]
Customers use analyzer to test CES service on OSN3500, using typical networking and configuration. They found that the analyzer report one […]
  Site engineer found the N3EAS2 can only show 17 VCTRUNCK in Ethernet interface But there are 34 VCTRUNCK in […]