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Do you know OTN ODUk Shared Protection Ring

Network survivability reflects the network in case of failure, Able to maintain the service capability, the survival mechanisms of the network, topology, available resources, coordination mechanisms for survivability has a significant impact. In terms of the transport network, SDH  survivability as one of the most distinctive part, to lay the basis of SDH transmission technology… Read More »


Huawei’s OTN Bandwidth Cloud idea

To Construct OTN Bandwidth Cloud: 0 Waste, 0 Wait, 0 Downtime 1、40G/100G Shared Big Pipe,  ‘0  Waste’ Bandwidth Investment Protection: Platform share, smooth upgrade to 40G/100G×80 λ 100% usage: ODUk/ODUflex Matrix to get bandwidth share all over the network 3 40G solution include the 3rd 40G coherent tech cover 100% of app. 100G coherent Set… Read More »

OTN technical innovation trend

Long Term OTN Technical Innovation 1、Bandwidth 40GbE/100GbE 100G LH >1500km 40G PID ODUflex CPRI (LTE) over OTN Ethnet over OTN MPLS-TP 400G/1T 2、Switching 20+ D ROADM 100G/400G ROADM Tunable Filter Universal XC for VC, ODU, and Packet 10T+ / Pbit OTN XC OBTN / OPS 3、Intelligence OVPN 40G/100G ASON Mesh Shared Protection PCE, UNI &… Read More »

OTN Fundamental-4

ODUflex Overview: New to hierarchy (Oct-09) Two flavours of ODUflex standardization: Circuit ODUflex – Supports any possible client bit rate as a service in circuit transport networks – CBR clients use a bit-sync mapping into ODUflex (239/238xthe client rate) Packet ODUflex: – Creates variable size packet trunks (containing GFP-F mapped packet data) for transporting packet… Read More »

OTN Fundamental-3

OTN Standardization Status:-  Major revision to ITU-T Rec. G.709 reached consent in October 2009, including new features from Amendment 3 and subsequent agreements Highlights encompassed in October revision New LO ODU0 rate and format New ODU4 rate and format (HO or LO) New LO ODU2e rate and format, originally in G.sup43: 40/100GBASE-R, handling of parallel… Read More »

OTN Fundamental-2

OTN Network Vision OTN can be implemented as an overlay to an existing network or as a replacement: Makeup of an Optical Channel:   Building an OTN Container:   OTN Rates:-   To be continued..

OTN Fundamental-1

OTN, everybody now talking OTN, instead of CWDM/DWDM, what exactly OTN was, here we collect some document and information, to show you some basic fundamental about OTN. History of transport network ITU-T OTN Definition Firstly What is OTN? OTN is an industry-standard optical transport protocol   ITU G.872 “Architecture for the Optical Transport Network (OTN)” (Oct… Read More »

USE PID to compress your chest

PID Tech.: Green, Slim, Effective PID = Photonic Integrated Device   Less power consumption \Less space\Easy operation      Metro Aggregation: OTN×PID pure digital OAM Digital OAM, Smart OTN Connect the line & Play/No Amplifier, No DCM No OSNR,No λ Planning/ SDH-like OAM,WDM-like Capacity