An optical transport network (OTN) is a network consisting of optical network elements (NEs) connected by fiber links. The OTN […]
Issue Description Description on the flow control of the NG SDH EFT data board. Alarm Information Null Handling Process (1) […]
Keywords: MSTP, SDH, OptiX OSN 9500 Abstract: For an SSN4EGS4/SSN5EFS0/SSN3EFS4/SSN3EGS2/SSN1EFS0A/SSN1EMS2 board of version 2.44 or earlier, an SSN2EGT2 board of version […]
Summary: The SDH(Huawei network product distributor) trail management window displays two trails with the same source or/and sink. A user […]
general node and the management node
Network survivability reflects the network in case of failure, Able to maintain the service capability, the survival mechanisms of the […]
The SNCP and SNCMP were switched due to the fiber was cut and entered the WTR state when the fiber […]
Firstly, Eth service is running on MSTP link with virtual concatenation. And it’s configured with LCAS. Customer complains the link […]
Configuration Process This topic describes how to configure the two-fiber unidirectional MSP service. Prerequisites The physical topology of the network […]
Networking diagram1
Networking Diagram The networking diagram of a single two-fiber unidirectional MSP ring is simple. When you construct the network, follow […]
Configuration Networking Diagram For the two-fiber bidirectional MSP ring in a single ring network, the configuration networking diagram is relative […]