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When Interruption of Existing Services on Some Data Boards of OSN Products

Keywords: MSTP, SDH, OptiX OSN 9500 Abstract: For an SSN4EGS4/SSN5EFS0/SSN3EFS4/SSN3EGS2/SSN1EFS0A/SSN1EMS2 board of version 2.44 or earlier, an SSN2EGT2 board of version 2.19 or earlier, and SSJ6EGT6A board of all static versions, binding timeslots on new VCTRUNKs with LCAS enabled may result in the interruption of existing services after the boards are warm reset. [Problem Description] Trigger… Read More »

Notice on Rectification for SDH Trail Interruption on the U2000

Summary: The SDH(Huawei network product distributor) trail management window displays two trails with the same source or/and sink. A user regards one of them as a duplicate or useless service and deactivates it, which causes interruption of unrelated trails. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: SDH trail search is performed on one client while SDH trail creation… Read More »

Do you know OTN ODUk Shared Protection Ring

Network survivability reflects the network in case of failure, Able to maintain the service capability, the survival mechanisms of the network, topology, available resources, coordination mechanisms for survivability has a significant impact. In terms of the transport network, SDH  survivability as one of the most distinctive part, to lay the basis of SDH transmission technology… Read More »

Much Virtual concatenation delay lead to EoS service interrupt

Firstly, Eth service is running on MSTP link with virtual concatenation. And it’s configured with LCAS. Customer complains the link interrupts occasionally for a short time.Alarm FCS_ERR,ALM_GFP_dLFD report at the same time. The issue happens 8 times in one month.Topology as attached. Version of equipment and boards as below:OSN3500: V100R008C01B01C EGS4: 1.17 OSN8800: V100R006C01 EGSH:… Read More »

Quick configuration of two fiber unidirectional MSP service-part2

Configuration Process This topic describes how to configure the two-fiber unidirectional MSP service. Prerequisites The physical topology of the network must be created. The NEs, boards, and fibers must be created on the U2000. Lower order cross-connection resources must meet service configuration requirements. For details on how to query lower order cross-connection resources, see Querying Lower Order… Read More »

Regarding the allocation of two fiber bidirectional MSP ring service issues

Configuration Networking Diagram For the two-fiber bidirectional MSP ring in a single ring network, the configuration networking diagram is relative simple. In the network construction, you should create and name NEs in sequence according to the certain direction, which helps you facilitate the planning of the service flow and service configuration. Figure 1 shows a two-fiber… Read More »

OTN Fundamental-1

OTN, everybody now talking OTN, instead of CWDM/DWDM, what exactly OTN was, here we collect some document and information, to show you some basic fundamental about OTN. History of transport network ITU-T OTN Definition Firstly What is OTN? OTN is an industry-standard optical transport protocol   ITU G.872 “Architecture for the Optical Transport Network (OTN)” (Oct… Read More »