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Ever painful with NE_POWER_OVER alarm on OSN 3500 ?

  NE_POWER_OVER alarm on OSN 3500 due to limitation in software version Problem is reported by customer that they are facing service interruption on already running ethernet services on OSN 3500 after installing of new boards in the NE.Following steps were taken to resolve the issue: First the all the alarms on the NE… Read More »


Whether you are suffering NE conected to SLD64 board lost synchronization source?

Huawei SLD64 is a 2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board with Compatibility OSN7500, OSN3500. Huawei  SLD64 is available in the following functional versions: N1SLD64 and N4SLD64. NE A and NE B are OSN 3500. NE B is V100R008C02SPC200 version. – SSN1SL64 board of NE A is connected to SSN4SLD64 board of NE B, – NE B belongs to a MSP… Read More »

Wrong files selection —-Failed to upgrade a N3SL16 board

“Dear thunder-link.com, I want to update our N3SL16 board of OSN3500, but always failed due to wrong files selection. How can i solve the problem?”——Anna Kahama The SL16 board is a 1xSTM-16 optical interface board with Part Number 03030LNH and Compatibility of Metro3000. When we insert a new SL16 boards in a OSN3500 that have a V200R012C01SPC100 version. We need to upgrade the… Read More »

Regarding the allocation of two fiber bidirectional MSP ring service issues

Configuration Networking Diagram For the two-fiber bidirectional MSP ring in a single ring network, the configuration networking diagram is relative simple. In the network construction, you should create and name NEs in sequence according to the certain direction, which helps you facilitate the planning of the service flow and service configuration. Figure 1 shows a two-fiber… Read More »

How to correctly Configuring 11 Linear MSP Services-part2

Configuration Process This topic describes how to configure the services in the 1:1 linear MSP. Prerequisites The physical topology of the network must be created. The NEs, boards, and fibers must be created on the U2000. Lower order cross-connection resources must meet service configuration requirements. For details on how to query lower order cross-connection resources, see Querying… Read More »