NE_POWER_OVER alarm on OSN 3500
  NE_POWER_OVER alarm on OSN 3500 due to limitation in software version Problem is reported by customer that they […]
Huawei SLD64 is a 2xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board with Compatibility OSN7500, OSN3500. Huawei  SLD64 is available in the following functional versions: N1SLD64 and […]
“Dear, I want to update our N3SL16 board of OSN3500, but always failed due to wrong files selection. How […]
Networking diagram1
Networking Diagram The networking diagram of a single two-fiber unidirectional MSP ring is simple. When you construct the network, follow […]
Configuration Networking Diagram For the two-fiber bidirectional MSP ring in a single ring network, the configuration networking diagram is relative […]
networking diagram 1
Networking Diagram You can configure a non-protection ring if the services on the ring do not need to be protected. […]
networking diagram 2
Configuration Process This topic describes how to configure the services in the 1:1 linear MSP. Prerequisites The physical topology of […]
Networking Diagram The networking diagram of the point-to-point 1:1 linear MSP services is simple. Two NEs are connected with two […]
Huawei OptiX OSN 3500 Product Description(V200R012)-part3 OptiX OSN 3500 Product Description(V200R012).part3