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Ever painful with NE_POWER_OVER alarm on OSN 3500 ?

  NE_POWER_OVER alarm on OSN 3500 due to limitation in software version Problem is reported by customer that they are facing service interruption on already running ethernet services on OSN 3500 after installing of new boards in the NE.Following steps were taken to resolve the issue: First the all the alarms on the NE… Read More »


Have you ever headache with SL64 board COMMUN_FAIL alarm appear and board soft reset?

SL64 is a STM-64 Optical Interface Board, The SL64 is available in the following functional versions: N4, N2 and N1.The SSN2SL64(Ls-64.2,LC) is discontinued. The functions provided by the functional versions are different.   In OSN 3500 running with version V100R008C02 On SL64 alarm appear COMMU_FAIL and after runnig the command “errlog” (To check if the GSCC reset… Read More »