Issue Description In the networking scenario with the WSS or WSD board, the protection switching time may exceed the specification […]
Constraint: This recovery guide is applicable to V200R011C03SPC200, V200R012C00, and V200R012C01 only 1 Identifying the Problem 1.1 Querying the Database […]
【Problem Summary】Huawei DWDM 10GE LAN link from Hyderabad to Banaglore flapping on customer router. 【Problem Details】Below is the diagram shown end […]
Problem was reported by customer  that service interruption observed after fiber cut between NE-1565 & NE-1567. All the interrupted services […]
The SNCP and SNCMP were switched due to the fiber was cut and entered the WTR state when the fiber […]
When complete SNCP creation, the NE status became “Inconsistency”. 1.At first, we suspect the database is abnormal, it caused this […]