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During the Rerouting in the ASON Network, the Protection Switching Time May Exceed the Specification Value

Issue Description In the networking scenario with the WSS or WSD board, the protection switching time may exceed the specification value if the optical power is adjusted improperly. For example, in the previous ASON networking, The current route is marked in pink and the NS2 board is configured with SNCP protection. Reset the FIU board,… Read More »


Guide to Clearing the DBMS_ERROR Alarm Reported After an Upgrade Due to the Residual SNCP Pointe

Constraint: This recovery guide is applicable to V200R011C03SPC200, V200R012C00, and V200R012C01 only 1 Identifying the Problem 1.1 Querying the Database Run the :dbms-query:”23310000.dbf”,mdb command. The query result is shown in the following attachment: “Result.txt” 1.2 Checking Whether a Residual SNCP Pointer Exists As shown in the attachment in 1.1 “Querying the Database”, the 3112103 field… Read More »

Have you ever meet the problem Single End SNCP switching failed?

Problem was reported by customer  that service interruption observed after fiber cut between NE-1565 & NE-1567. All the interrupted services were configured as SNCP and having the protection paths. SNCP services are configured on NE-1567 and NE-6. See diagrams attached. OSN 7500 and OSN 3500 equipments software Version is V1R8 are involved. UP_E1_AIS alarms were… Read More »

NE status became “Inconsistency” during modifiyng a trail due to NMS bug

When complete SNCP creation, the NE status became “Inconsistency”. 1.At first, we suspect the database is abnormal, it caused this problem, but we checked it, it is normal. 2.We collect the NMS log ,checked the data and found the SNCP event was reported when modifying the trail and it caused the NE data inconsistency status. [13:29:12.935],Error,[T13064],ErrorCode: 0×00000000, imapoptixadapter Thread:3308, QX_RECV_DATA (from… Read More »