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NE status became “Inconsistency” during modifiyng a trail due to NMS bug

When complete SNCP creation, the NE status became “Inconsistency”. 1.At first, we suspect the database is abnormal, it caused this problem, but we checked it, it is normal. 2.We collect the NMS log ,checked the data and found the SNCP event was reported when modifying the trail and it caused the NE data inconsistency status. [13:29:12.935],Error,[T13064],ErrorCode: 0×00000000, imapoptixadapter Thread:3308, QX_RECV_DATA (from… Read More »


Fail to add OSN3500 Extension subrack cards because of J9 jumper failure

“I am almost crazy i can’t add OSN3500 Extension subrack cards  due to J9 jumper failure. How can i do?”——Micle Chris The OptiX OSN3500 incorporates an intelligent optical transmission platform and core optical transmission system to schedule and transmit services of different types and granularities. Combined with other Huawei equipment, the OptiX OSN3500 supports various networking applications,… Read More »