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Notice on Rectification for SDH Trail Interruption on the U2000

Summary: The SDH(Huawei network product distributor) trail management window displays two trails with the same source or/and sink. A user regards one of them as a duplicate or useless service and deactivates it, which causes interruption of unrelated trails. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: SDH trail search is performed on one client while SDH trail creation… Read More »


Please Pay Attention If You Have OptiX OSN 8800 Platform Subracks Delivered Before September 2012

Summary: Using a license file obtained before 2012-09-30, OptiX OSN 8800 platform subracks cannot be created after the U2000 is upgraded to V100R006C02SPC200 or a later  version.   [Problem Description] Trigger condition: If all of the following conditions are met, the issue will be triggered: 1. OptiX OSN 8800 platform subracks are delivered during the… Read More »

Cautions of Insufficient OSN 8800 Cross-connect Capacity on the U2000

Summary: A U2000 earlier than V100R006C02 can properly manage cross-connect capacity subracks of the OSN 8800. After it is upgraded to the U2000 V100R006C02 or a later version, an alarm is generated indicating insufficient number of license items for subracks with a certain type of cross-connect capacity. 1.2 [Problem Description] On the U2000 V100R006C02 and… Read More »

Cautions on the Flash Memory Failure in DWDM Products

Summary: Because of defective incoming materials, the Spansion Flash memory units provided in a specific lot cannot erase Flash memory data. Huawei transmission boards equipped with these Flash memory units occasionally encounter a software uploading failure, patch upgrade failure, or log recording failure; or the boards sometimes reset unexpectedly or fail to boot from a reset.… Read More »

Do you know when reporting the error to activate basic bios ?

NE cross version is much lower than the host version,so the software needs to be upgraded of cross. Host version: Cross version information:     Software Version: 1.17 ;     BIOS Version: 2.13 Upgrade instructions in accordance with the requirements, the board must first uppgrade basic bios. But after loading the finished basic bios software, issued… Read More »

Do you ever meet the problem—tunnel service down in your network MSTP+

on OSN3500/7500 MSTP+ V200R012C01SPC100 service for tunnel suddenly got MPLS_TUNNEL_BDI/MPLS_TUNNEL_FDI alarm, before was all fine, no fiber cut or other board problem/faulty alarm. 1. Please check arp table either via navigator :ethn-cfg-get-arptable:all or via U2000 NE explorer-packet configuration-control plane – address parse on both sides 2. if no mac address, probably that’s causes service down,… Read More »

Huawei’s OTN Bandwidth Cloud idea

To Construct OTN Bandwidth Cloud: 0 Waste, 0 Wait, 0 Downtime 1、40G/100G Shared Big Pipe,  ‘0  Waste’ Bandwidth Investment Protection: Platform share, smooth upgrade to 40G/100G×80 λ 100% usage: ODUk/ODUflex Matrix to get bandwidth share all over the network 3 40G solution include the 3rd 40G coherent tech cover 100% of app. 100G coherent Set… Read More »

Quick configuration of two fiber unidirectional MSP service-part2

Configuration Process This topic describes how to configure the two-fiber unidirectional MSP service. Prerequisites The physical topology of the network must be created. The NEs, boards, and fibers must be created on the U2000. Lower order cross-connection resources must meet service configuration requirements. For details on how to query lower order cross-connection resources, see Querying Lower Order… Read More »