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When OptiX OSN 1800 Database Recovery Failures

  Keywords: OptiX OSN 1800, WDM product family,Transport network product line Summary: Intelligent fibers are enabled or disabled at an optical port on the OptiX OSN 1800 V100R001C01SPC100 ( and the NE is upgraded to V100R002C00 SPC100 ( or a later version. If intelligent fibers are reconfigured at the same optical port and the SCC… Read More »


TD Alarms Falsely Reported by Some Boards Using Pluggable Optical Modules in WDM Products

  Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 8800 Summary: If no intra-board cross-connection from the WDM side to the client side is configured for boards that support intra-board cross-connections, these boards may falsely report TD alarms when their optical port lasers are turned on. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem occurs on a board when the following… Read More »

When the Software Version Compatibility Issue on the TNF2LQM and TNF2LDGF2 Boards in OptiX OSN 1800

Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 1800 Summary: For OptiX OSN 1800 V100R003C01SPC200 ( or an earlier version, services on the TNF2LQM or TNF2LDGF2 board that uses the service chip of version V110 will be unavailable after the board is initialized because of a bug. The problem can be resolved by upgrading the OptiX OSN 1800 to… Read More »

How to do when Abnormal Optical Power Reporting Caused by the Coupling Exception

Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 6800, OptiX OSN 8800 Summary: When fibers on boards that use the HXFP8240, HXFP8440, or HXFP8441 pluggable module are being removed or inserted, the reported optical power at the receive end is sometimes lower than the actual optical power.   [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem occasionally occurs when customer… Read More »

How to do when the Occasional Failure to Go Online for TN11HSC1 Boards

Keywords: WDM, OptiX OSN 6800, OptiX OSN 8800 T16, OptiX OSN 8800 T32 Summary: When TN11HSC is upgraded to V100R007C00SPC200, V100R007C00SPC300, or V100R007C02SPC200, there is a low probability that it fails to go online in an OptiX OSN 8800 T16 subrack, OptiX OSN 8800 T32/T64 slave subrack, or OptiX OSN 6800 slave subrack. When the fault occurs,… Read More »

How The SSE3LWF Board Reports the OTU_LOF Alarm When Interworking with the SSE1TMR

The SSE3LWF board reports the OTU_LOF alarm when interworking with the SSE1TMR. Product OptiX BWS 1600G Fault Type Equipment Interconnection Optical Transponder Unit OTU_LOF Symptom The SSE1TMR board at station B is forced to emit light during the commissioning. Then, the SSE3LWF board at station C reports the OTU_LOF alarm. Perform an inloop on the… Read More »

The IN_PWR_HIGH Alarm Indicating Source Optical Module Faults

Summary: An OTU board reports the IN_PWR_HIGH alarm indicating that a resistor fails in the Source optical module. Constantly reporting the alarm does not affect services, but is perceivable. Product Line: Transport                     Product Family: WDM Product Model:  OptiX OSN 1800 OptiX OSN 6800 OptiX Metro 6100 [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: There is a low probability that an OTU board reports the IN_PWR_HIGH alarm after it has been running with an 80-km CWDM Source optical module for over a year. Symptom: An OTU board reports the IN_PWR_HIGH alarm while services are running properly. The maximum receive optical power is –7.x dBm, where x is a digit. Identification method: Verify that the following conditions are met: The OTU board is installed on the OptiX OSN 1800, OptiX Metro 6100, or OptiX OSN 6800. The model type of the optical module on the OTU board contains the “6128C-SL80″ or “6128C-L80″ field. The model type of the optical module can be determined by viewing the manufacturing information. Figure 1 shows the manufacturing information of an example optical module with the Navigator Command (cfg-get-bdinfo:),. Manufacturing information of an example optical module The model type of the optical module with blue label is 6128C-SL8055G, which contains the “6128C-SL80″ field. [Root Cause] A resistor fails in the 80-km CWDM Source optical module. This increases the resistance from 3000 ohm to over 1000,000 ohm and the voltage to the saturation voltage. As a result, the receive optical power exceeds the specified threshold.   [Impact and Risk] This issue may occur on the equipment in and outside China. Constantly reporting the alarm does not affect services, but is perceivable.   [Measures and Solutions] Recovery measures: N/A Workarounds: Replace the optical module. Preventive measures: Replace the optical module. Optical modules provided by Source Photonics are CWDM optical modules, which correspond to eight BOM numbers. The following table describes the mapping between the BOM numbers and wavelengths. Material handling after replacement: The replaced optical module is scrapped.   [Rectification Scope and Time Requirements] N/A

You might face with TD Alarms by Using Pluggable Optical Modules in WDM Products

Summary: If no intra-board cross-connection from the Optical transmission WDM side to the client side is configured for boards that support intra-board cross-connections, these boards may falsely report TD alarms when their optical port lasers are turned on.   [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem occurs on a board when the following conditions are present:… Read More »

LSR_WILL_DIE Alarm of the WDM OTU Board Caused by Bookham Laser

Abstract: The 10G optical transponder unit (OTU) boards that are delivered before August 2011 use the Bookham laser on the WDM (OptiX BWS 1600G, BWS 1600S, Metro 6100,OptiX OSN 8800,OSN6800)side. After the boards have worked for one and half a year, the LSR_WILL_DIE alarm was reported on the WDM side for 0.43% of boards, and the alarm… Read More »