Issue Description Networking: CPOS interface of NE40-OSN-3G NODEB NE40 obtains the clock from OSN and NODEB obtains the clock from NE40. 1. After the transmission OSN and the optical interface of NE40 are connected,     there is pointer adjustment alarm on transmission network management. 2. NODEB on CPOS interface of NE40 cannot obtain the clock. 3. The clock mode and clock source of NE40 are incorrect.          Current source: 0           Clock is in hold mode   […]
Issue Description Fault sympton: when the customer tried to backup the configuration to eSight they noticed the below error message on […]
Abstract This topic mainly describe the basic license knowledge and introduce to license control items supported by CE12800 series switches […]
Figure 1 Shows the procedure for troubleshooting a power module. Figure 1 Power module troubleshooting flowchart Procedure Check the indicator on […]
This post will introduce the differences between unicast, multicast, and broadcast. Currently, there are three communication modes on the network: […]
MSTP Network Hierarchy As shown in Figure 1, the MSTP network consists of one or more MST regions. Each MST […]
Huawei WDM
To provide a synchronous clock source for mobile base stations, the entire WDM/OTN transport network must support clock synchronization. Mobile […]
RPS1800 is a redundant power supply that ensures seamless failover if the internal power module of a switch fails. The RPS1800 can detect […]
Abstract This article gives introduction to ETP4890 power system, including its components, module, input and output terminals. An AC-powered cabinet […]
Abstract This topic will describe how to configurate the MAC Address Table Based on the VSI and Layer 3 Interface […]