Tips to buy the home broadband router

Home broadband router is a router that user number is relatively small, such as the 4LAN port router, which can supply 4 computer. To buy a home broadband router, first of all, you should need to know the brand, quality and price, so you can choose a good home broadband router.

1, The router “gateway”, or “agent”?

First to determine the selected router belongs to the “gateway”, or “agent”. The fundamental difference between the two is the gateway does not have the flexible permissions configuration function, and the agent has a flexible configuration, which of course is reflected in the router configuration function. In the home, the family of three, usually in order to limit their children’s online time and unfair network application, the need for children to special computer access privileges for the appropriate restrictions, so the purchase of home routerson the need to pay attention to, to view the purchase of router configuration function if applicable.


2 Broadband router access mode

Broadband access mode is very important, especially for the virtual dial-up users of ADSL. Because some routers only support line routing, not the built-in virtual dial-up protocol PPPoE, of course, would not provide virtual dial-up users with dial-up service, the routing function can’t be realized. The router also supports only one or several broadband access methods, such as most reflected only supports ADSL/Cable Modem, which does not supportthe broadband access mode, the user the choice should be based on their own forbroadband access way to understand clearly, of course, the vast majority of currently support all types of broadband access. If broadband access is the broadband, more should pay attention to, the router WAN port best choice can support 100Mbps, because residential broadband is easy to upgrade to 100Mbps in a short time.


3, The number of router LAN port

The traditional router usually provides only a handful of early 1, 2 LAN (LAN) switch ports, while the WAN (wide area network) ports usually have more than one, because it is not used to connect LAN, but used to connect different WAN. While the family broadband routerapplication focus is different, it is connected with WAN usually only one or 2, and the LANport is connected with several users demand, so the broadband router are also usually provide 4 to 8 around the switch port, for sharing user connection. In the case of small number of users, users do not need to buy a separate switch or hub, for the user to save the investment of network equipment. So we in the choice of the router, as a home user is usually less than 4 computers, so be sure to choose to provide enough exchange appliedLAN port, for sharing user directly connected. Of course, the broadband router must havemore than one WAN port (for broadband access, such as ADSL or broadband).


4 Router, whether to support the NAT service

NAT is the “network address translation”, with this service router can put all the LAN user IP addresses to a single Internet IP address, so as to realize the internal network of IP play a role in shielding, protect LAN users. But the vast majority of the router is to support theservice, need only check the manual or ask the dealer.


5 The network management mode

In order to user configuration convenience, now most broadband routers provide Web interface configuration function, user WYSIWYG configuration by ordinary browser, easy. But there are also some brand router but do not provide this kind of management mode, only provide command line router configuration mode, the non professional computer users, is difficult, should pay attention to ask.


6 The price of the router

After the above factors, the biggest factor is the price. You should do a comparisons on a router.


7 After sale service


The router after sale service, such as customer service, warranty replacement period you should understand when you buy a router.

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