What Should We Pay Attention to When Installing or Deleting a Board on SDH equipment?

Boards are installed logically and are not necessarily connected to physical boards in the sub rack. Major restriction in board installation is the physical slot limitation of backplane and slot bus limitation. Please refer to help information in command line mode for board installation.

Boards that can be installed include line board, tributary board, cross-connect board, SCC unit, Ethernet board, interface board and optical amplification board. PIU, FAN and AUX/SAP are automatically installed by default, and cannot be manually installed. Boards are installed in logical slots though in most cases they agree with the physical slots in sub rack. However this should be noted while installing the OSN 2500/1500 CXL board.

The active SCC unit is installed in the default mode and cannot be deleted. The backup SCC unit can be manually installed and deleted. Before installing an interface board, install its corresponding processing board. Logically installed boards have three states: ADDING, ACTIVE and DELETING. Installation and deletion of board is valid only after being successfully verified.


When Deleting a Board

Boards cannot be deleted in any of the following cases:

  1. Boards installed by default cannot be deleted.
  2. When boards are performing service or protected, or their clocks are included in clock priority list, they cannot be deleted;
  3. Delete the corresponding interface boards before deleting processing boards. Interface boards cannot be deleted when service on the corresponding processing boards is protected.