When cannot log-in MSUITE of U2000V1R3.

Issue Description

After installation of U2000V1R3 in my laptop, the U2000 installation software would automatically create the U2000 Server, U2000 Client, U2000 system monitor as well as the U2000 MSuite function.

During training, I was sucessful in log-in all the above application such as the U2000 Server, U2000 Client and U2000 Sytem monitor funtions.

However, I can never log-in the U2000 MSuite.

Alarm Information

Log-in fail

Handling Process

Procedure to start U2000V1R3 MSUITE Application

00001. Go to C:\HWENGR\engineering

00002. Double click “msserver “

00003. Double click “ startserver “

00004. Log-in MSUITE application.

00005. Username = admin

00006. Password  = admin


Root Cause

I download all relevant U2000V1R3 installation & operation manuals from the Huawei support web-site.

After detail self-study & investigation, I manage to successfully log-in the MSUITE of U2000V1R3.


The Huawei U2000V1R3 installation & operation manual does not clearly explain the correct prodecure to start the MSUITE.

Perhaps, with my confirmed research result, please modify & improve our Huawei documentation in this aspect.

Hopefully, my knowledge sharing would help many Huawei engineers & customers as well.