When customized for North America unable to configure OSN1800.

Issue Description

The OSN 1800 can be acess and configured without using U2000 or

WebLCT on laptop, instead using the built-in tool , OSN1800 WebLCT for TL1.
Open Internet Explorer, type htp:// ‘ Ne ip address’
Login page appears ”OSN1800 Weblct For TL1”
Problem occur, once input username n password, 4seconds later we were pushed

out from the system with error display – Web Services Inhibited

Alarm Information


Handling Process

Upon failure to login in , we checked username and password is correct. Checked

Internet Explorer setting for ”off” proxy and security settings ”Low”. Checked to

make sure NE IP is correct with Navigator. And found out for OSN1800 customized

for North America, this feature/tool is disabled.

SO enable it by changing the pin setting on J51 on the SCC board.
Refer to attached PDF for step by step explanation to enable this tool on customized

OSN1800 for North America


Root Cause

Reason was the OSN1800 was customized for North America. This is determined by

the jumper pin on J51 on the SCC board.


This built in tool is important and useful to engineers on-site for commissioning

OSN 1800 in case U2000 failure or don’t have U2000/WebLCT .
Sometimes engineer laptop can have problem loading U2000 or slow and with the

customer pushing Huawei for fast commissioning, using this tool will be very helpful.

Hope this helps engineers to have better knowledge and complete commissioning fast.


Huawei OptiX OSN 1800


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