Huawei CloudEngine 16800 CE16804 DC assembly chassis with 4 Service slots, DC powe supply

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Huawei CloudEngine 16800 CE16804 DC assembly chassis, CE16804-DC

43/387 Switching capacity (Tbit/s)

11,280 Forwarding rate (Mpps)

4 Service slots

Switching Fabric Module Slots 6 (scalable to 9 for future expansion)

The CloudEngine 16800 series switches are available in three models: CloudEngine 16804, CloudEngine 16808, and CloudEngine 16816.

Huawei CloudEngine 16800 is the data center switch built for the AI era. It has an embedded AI chip and uses innovative iLossless algorithm to learn and train network-wide traffic, implement zero packet loss and E2E μs-level latency, and achieve the maximum throughput.

The CloudEngine 16800 series provide up to 576 x 100GE, 576 x 40GE, 2,304 x 25GE, or 2,304 x 10GE line-rate ports and use an industry-leading backplane-free Clos architecture and provide industrial- grade reliability, with compelling features:

Large Capacity

Intelligent Engine

A unique iLossless algorithm learns and trains network-wide traffic in real time, implementing network adaptation and self-optimization. Zero packet loss boosts throughput to 100%.

Intelligent O&M
Tech Specs
Item CloudEngine 16804
Switching capacity (Tbit/s) 43/387
Forwarding rate (Mpps) 11,280
Service slots 4
Switching fabric module slots 6 (scalable to 9 for future expansion)
Fabric architecture Clos architecture, cell switching, VoQ
Airflow design Strict front-to-back
Device virtualization Virtual System (VS)
Cluster Switch System (CSS)
Network virtualization VXLAN routing and bridging
QinQ access VXLAN
SDN iMaster NCE-Fabric
VXLAN mapping, implementing interconnection between multiple DCI networks at Layer 2
Network convergence PFC and ECN
RDMA and RoCE (RoCE v1 and RoCE v2)
Programmability OPS programming
Ansible-based automatic configuration and open-source module release
Traffic analysis NetStream
VLAN Adding access, trunk, and hybrid interfaces to VLANs
Default VLAN
MAC address Dynamic learning and aging of MAC address entries
Static, dynamic, and blackhole MAC address entries
Packet filtering based on source MAC addresses
MAC address limiting based on ports and VLANs
IP routing IPv4 routing protocols, such as RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP
IPv6 routing protocols, such as RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, and BGP4+
IP packet fragmentation and reassembly
IPv6 VXLAN over IPv6
IPv6 VXLAN over IPv4
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND)
Path MTU Discovery (PMTU)
TCP6, IPv6 ping, IPv6 tracert, IPv6 socket, UDP6, and raw IPv6
Multicast IGMP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, MSDP, and MBGP
IGMP snooping
IGMP proxy
Fast leaving of multicast member interfaces
Multicast traffic suppression
Multicast VLAN
Maximum number of MAC address entries 256K
Maximum number of routes (FIB IPv4/IPv6) 256K/80K
ARP table size 256K
Maximum number of VRFs 8192
IPv6 ND table size 80K
Maximum number of multicast routes (multicast FIB IPv4/IPv6) 32K/2K
Maximum number of VRRP groups 4096
Maximum number of ECMP paths 128
Maximum number of broadcast domains 32K
Maximum number of BDIF interfaces 32K
Maximum number of VXLAN tunnel endpoints (VTEPs) 2K
Maximum number of LAGs 1024
Maximum number of links in a LAG 128
Maximum number of MSTIs 64
Maximum number of VLANs where VBST can be configured 500
Dimensions (W x D x H) 770 mm x 1150 mm x 730 mm
Weight without packaging (base configuration) 98.1 kg (193.7 lb)
Operating voltage AC: 176 V to 290 V
DC: –40 V to –72 V
HVDC: 188 V to 288 V or 260 V to 400 V
Hot swappable (power modules) Yes
Redundant fans (Heat dissipation using fans)
Fan modules work in hot standby mode.

At the normal temperature range, the system can operate properly for a short time after a single fan module fails. You are advised to replace the faulty fan module immediately.

Maximum power supply (W) 18,000
MTBF 34.93 years
MTTR 1 hour
MTTF 34.93 years
Availability 0.999998992
O&M Telemetry
Programmability Standard NETCONF interface
Ansible-based automatic configuration and open-source module release
Additional information
PoE Type






Q: Which are the models of CloudEngine 16800 series switches?

A: The CloudEngine 16800 series switches are available in three models: CloudEngine 16804, CloudEngine 16808, and CloudEngine 16816

Item CloudEngine 16804 CloudEngine 16808 CloudEngine 16816
Switching capacity(Tbit/s) 43/387 86/774 173/1548
Forwarding rate(Mpps) 11,280 22,560 45,120
Service slots 4 8 16

Q: Does CloudEngine 16800 CE16804-DC support IPv4/IPv6?

A: Yes, the CloudEngine 16800 supports IPv4 and IPv6 networking, meeting requirements of two IPv6 evolution modes

Q: Do I need buy license to use CE16804-DC assembly chassis?

A: Yes for some functions, CE16804-DC license is required. CloudEngine CloudEngine 16800 supports Huawei IDN One Software (N1 mode for short) licensing mode. The CloudFabric N1 business model combines the NCE controller, analyzer, and CloudEngine switch software for use in a range of common scenarios.

For more license details, you may contact Thunder-link team.

Q: Where is the power supply mode of CE16804-DC?

A: CE16804-DC switch Power supply mode: DC

Q: What is Operating voltage for CloudEngine 16804?

A: CloudEngine 16804 has 2 types of chassis: CE16804 AC&high-voltage DC assembly chassis and CE16804 DC assembly chassis with operating voltage below:

AC: 176 V to 290 V

DC: –40 V to –72 V

HVDC: 188 V to 288 V or 260 V to 400 V

Q: Can I get technical support from Thunder-link.com if we purchase CloudEngine 16800 CE16804-DC from you?

A: Yes, Thunder-link.com has experienced technical team on Huawei switches, however, you may need to purchase technical support service from us as by default we only provide one year hardware warranty.

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