Comparison between Huawei NetEngine NE8000 M1A Router and ME60-X3 BRAS Router


As entry-level routers, NE8000 M1A and ME60-X3 two models belong to Huawei’s mainstream NetEngine 8000 and ME60 series router respectively, which are quite popular in global telecom market. As we all know, NE8000 M1A is fixed-configuration router which does not support flexible cards while ME60-X3 has 3 service board slots. Except this rough idea, this article will make a detailed comparison between NE8000 M1A and ME60-X3 including their positioning, application, performance parameters, etc.

Product Positioning

NetEngine 8000 Series-for the cloud era

HUAWEI NetEngine 8000 Series router are integrated service access and aggregation routers developed by Huawei.

Using ultra-broadband pipes to construct simplified networks, and SR and SRv6 protocols to establish intelligent connections, NetEngine 8000 combines with Huawei’s next generation Network Cloud Engine (NCE) to implement full-life cycle automation and proactive Operations and Maintenance (O&M). Available in a range of form factors and applicable to core, aggregation, and access networks.

NetEngine 8000 applications include functioning as a core node for an enterprise WAN, as an access node on a large enterprise network, as a DCI node, or as a campus or IDC network egress.

NetEngine 8000 Series Family Model

TheNetEngine 8000 Series provides eight models: NE8000 M1A,NE8000 M1C, NE8000 F1A, NE8000 X8, NE8000 X4, NE8000 M14, NE8000 M8, and NE8000 M6 as below:

Parameter NE8000 X8 NE8000 X4 NE8000 M14 NE8000 M8 NE8000 M6 NE8000 M1A NE8000 M1C NE8000 F1A
Switching Capacity 83.78 Tbit/s 41.89Tbit/s 4 Tbit/s 2.4 Tbit/s 320 Gbit/s 352 Gbit/s 344 Gbit/s 2.4 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 14,496 Mpps 7248 Mpps 906 Mpps 453 Mpps 72 Mpps 72 Mpps 72 Mpps 453 Mpps
Max. Capacity of a Board 4 Tbit/s 4 Tbit/s 200Gbit/s 200 Gbit/s 50 Gbit/s Fixed-configuration router does not support flexible cards

NE8000 M1A AC

PN: 02353DAG

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ME60 Multiple-Service Control Gateway-for the intelligent carrier-class IP bearer network

The ME60 series is a range of multiple-service control gateways — a type of Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) — developed by Huawei to serve as a platform for unified user access and management. Based on a 2T platform, the series boasts the industry’s largest-capacity routing line card (480G) plus a large-capacity NAT service line card (160G), enabling smooth evolution from IPv4 to IPv6.

ME60 series can transform from IP packet forwarders to multi-service control gateways (MSCGs) to support services such as 3G, NGN, and IPTV, ensures security, reliability, and QoS for various telecommunication services.

Therefore, ME60 series is most suitable for industries such as broadcasting, television, and education, which requires BRAS function.

ME60 Series Family Model

The ME60 series router provides five models: ME60-X3, ME60-X8, ME60-X16, ME60-X8A and ME60-X16A as below:

Parameters ME60-X16A ME60-X8A ME60-X16 ME60-X8 ME60-X3
Switching Capacity 50.32 Tbit/s 25.16 Tbit/s 12.58 Tbit/s 7.08 Tbit/s 1.08 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 11,520 Mpps 5760 Mpps 5760 Mpps 2880 Mpps 360 Mpps


22 slots, including 16 LPUs, 2 MPUs, and 4 SFUs 12 slots, including 8 LPUs, 2 SRUs, and 2 SFUs 22 slots, including 16 LPUs, 2 MPUs, and 4 SFUs 11 slots, including 8 LPUs, 2 SRUs, and 1 SFU 5 slots, including 3 LPUs and 2 MPUs
Comparison Parameters
Product name NetEngine 8000 M1A(CR8PM1ABASC2) ME60-X3(ME0B0BKPA331)
Description NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) ME60-X3 Integrated AC Chassis Components, (Including Dual AC Power)
Part Number 02353DAH 2355493
Number of slots 5
Number of service board slots 3
Switching capacity 352G bit/s 1.08 Tbps
Forwarding Performance 72 Mpps 360 Mpps
Typical power consumption 74.84 W 950 W (fully configured with BSUF-51s)
1070 W (fully configured with BSUF-120s)
1386 W (fully configured with BSUF-241s)
Cabinet installation standards ETSI(21-inch);IEC(19-inch); IMB(3U);
F01M50 Outdoor Cabinet
A Huawei 2.2 m-high N68E cabinet is used by default. It can be installed in a standard 19″ 800mm-deep cabinet.
Chassis height 1 U 5 U
Weight without packaging (base configuration) 3.9 kg 25 kg
Redundant power supply Supports two power input redundancy backup 1+1
Redundant fans 2+1, Short-term running when a single fan becomes invalid at the ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) Support for proper fan operation in case of a single fan failure for a short period at 40°C (104°F)
Long-term operating temperature -40 °C to 65 °C 0°C to 45°C

From above comparison, regarding Huawei entray-level router, it should be clear that if you want to construct simplified intelligent networks without BRAS requirement, NetEngine 8000 M1A is a good choice. But if you need manage larger MSCGs platform with BRAS to support many services, we prefer to recommend you ME60-X3 router solution.

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