Comparison for HSNQ2, UNQ2, HUNQ2, NQ2

DWDM boards HSNQ2, UNQ2, HUNQ2, NQ2 all have 4-port 10GE interface physically and all basically can convert OTN service, but what are the detailed difference of the four types NQ2 boards? This article will compare them in functions and using features.

Supported equipment:

HSNQ2, UNQ2 is supported on OSN1800V or OSN1800 II


HUNQ2, NQ2 is supported on OSN6800 or OSN8800


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Functional versions supported:

Board Functional version Supported subrack
HSNQ2 TNF5 1800 V
TNF6 1800 V / OSN1800 II
UNQ2 TNZ5 OSN1800 V / OSN8800 II
HUNQ2 TN54 OSN8800 T32 / T16
NQ2 TN51 OSN6800
TN52 OSN8800 T64 / T32, OSN6800
TN53 OSN8800 T64 / T32 / T16, OSN6800
TN54 OSN8800 T64 / T32 / T16

HSNQ2  vs  UNQ2

Both boards are OSN1800V or OSN1800 II universal line board.


HSNQ2 supports OTN and SDH service, functions such as OTN ports and SDH overhead processing.

UNQ2 supports OTN, SDH, and packet services, functions such as Layer 2 switching, OTN ports, and SDH overhead processing.

For OSN1800 V:

1, TNF5HSNQ2, TNF6HSNQ2 inserted on a slave subrack can function only as a pure OTN board.

2, TNF5HSNQ2 supports only OTN features when it is used together with the TNF5XCH board.

3, TNF6HSNQ2 supports only OTN features when it is used together with the TNZ8XCH board.

HUNQ2  vs  NQ2

HUNQ2 is OSN8800 universal line board, NQ2 is common OTN line board on OSN6800 or OSN8800.



HUNQ2 is a hybrid line board and supports a mixture of OTN, SDH, and packet services, converts service as below:

-OTN: 32 x ODU0/16 x ODU1/32 x ODUflex/4 x ODU2<->4 x OTU2, 4 x ODU2e<->4 x OTU2e

-SDH: 16 x STM-16/4 x STM64<->4 x OTU2, and packets<->4 x OTU2.

-Packets: A maximum of 40 Gbit/s packets<->32 x ODU0/32 x ODUflex/16 x ODU1/4 x ODU2<->4 x OTU2


When SDH or packet services are configured, HUNQ2 can be used only in an independent subrack, but not in a master or slave subrack.

When OTN services are configured, HUNQ2 can be used in an independent subrack, or a master subrack.

NQ2 supports OTN service

Converts 32 ODU0, 16 ODU1, eight ODUflex, or four ODU2 into four ITU-T G.694.1 OTU2 signals or converts four ODU2e signals into four ITU-T G.694.1 OTU2e signals.

When you OTN line board, please note its hardware versions and better confirm its part number, above different types of line board are not easy to distinguish, since their functions are variable. If you are still confused about them, you can consult us.

All firmware should be provided by the client and obtained from legally authorized way.

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