Comparison of LC, SC, MPO, ST and FC connectors

LC SC MPO ST and FC are fiber connectors which are commonly used in optical network, understanding the differences between them is critical for network deployments. This article will delve into the differences between these interface types and introduce their characteristics and applicable scenarios.

LC SC MPO ST FC interfaces: what are they?

Optical fiber connector is a device for detachable connection between optical fibers. According to the connector structure, it can be divided into various forms: LC, SC, MPO, ST, FC and so on.

1. LC

Connector to the SFP module, which is made with an easy-to-operate modular jack (RJ) latching mechanism.

(1)Simplex LC Connector

Simplex LC connector transmits information in one direction. At both ends of the communication, one is the transmitter and the other is the receiver, which is not reversible.

It is used to connect the single fiber optical module. For example, 1.25G Single Fiber LC Interface Optical Module (SC and LC Two Interface Types), 10G Single Fiber Optical Module, 25G single fiber optical module and so on.

Simplex LC Connector

(2)Duplex LC Connector

Duplex LC connector can perform two way information transmission on the signal carrier, receiving data while sending data.

LC connector is widely used in optical network. GPON OLT uplink interface, GE or 10GE optical interface on switchs and routers, are LC type.

Duplex LC Connector

2. SC

SC connector connects the GBIC optical module which has a rectangular shell, and the fastening method is a plug-in and latch type, which does not require rotation.

SC type is mostly used in GPON network, Huawei PON modules and 10G-PON modules, such as GPON OLT CLASS C+ HSC, XGPON & GPON OLT C+ HSC are all SC.

SC Connector


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3. MPO

MPO connector is a multi-core multi-channel plug-in connector. Its main feature is that it consists of a rectangular ferrule with a standard diameter of 6.4mm × 2.5mm. It uses two guide holes and guide pins (Pins) with a diameter of 0.7mm on the left and right sides of the ferrule for precise positioning.

It is used to connect 40G / 100G optical modules, such as 40G 0.3KM QSFP/QSFP-40G-eSR4, 100G SR4, etc. And it has 8-core, 12-core, 24-core specifications. Usually, 40G SR4 and 100G SR4 are used with 12-core fiber jumper together.

MPO Connector

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4. ST

ST connector is commonly used in optical fiber distribution frames and the shell is round and the fastening method is a screw buckle. (for 10Base-F connections, the connector is usually ST type )


5. FC

The external reinforcement method of FC is a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle. It is generally used on the ODF side (most commonly used on patch panels).


These are the types of fiber optic connectors commonly used in optical modules. When we use optical fiber, we should pay attention to ensure that the fiber end of the connector and the interface of the optical module are not contaminated. You can use fiber wiping paper to clean the fiber end face before connecting it to the optical module. If the light module and jumper are not in use, remember to plug the dust cap.