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MA5600T Series Maintenance Feature Glance
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MA5600T Series Maintenance Feature Glance

MA5600T Series Maintenance Feature Glance



When a service becomes faulty, maintenance features enable maintenance engineers to remotely and effectively locate faults, thereby reducing maintenance costs.




When an xDSL user fails to access the Internet on a FTTB network.

The traditional method  VS The method using maintenance features







       Traditional Fault Locating


  •  Onsite fault locating



  •  Multiple site visits



  •  Cooperation of multiple personnel



  •  Low efficiency



MA5600T&MA5603T&MA5608T Maintenance Feature Glance 01.jpg








  Fault Locating Using Maintenance Features


  •  Remote operation



  •  No site visits



  •  Separate operation



  •  High efficiency





Huawei provides both service and line maintenance features for maintenance and fault locating.

The following figure shows common maintenance features.

MA5600T&MA5603T&MA5608T Maintenance Feature Glance 02.jpg


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