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ETP4890-B3A2 power converter with 3xR4830N 1xSMU01B
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ETP4890-B3A2 subrack composed by 3xR4830N 1xSMU01B

Input: ~200~240V, 50/60Hz, 30A Max

Output: -48V, 90A Max

Maximum output power: 4815W

3U height

With 8 load ports, 2 port BATT

Provides comprehensive battery management.

Supports SMU01A, SMU01B, SMU01C Monitor module.

SMU01A supports WebUI remote management and SNMP.

SMU01B can connect to the U2000 over Huawei master/slave protocols.

Displays information on a LCD and provides buttons for operations.

Supports electronic labels.

Rectifiers and the site monitoring unit (SMU) are hot-swappable.

Allows high-efficiency and standard-efficiency rectifiers with the same capacity to coexist.

Apply for Huawei OLT, Huawei OSN, Huawei Router and Huawei Switch.


ETP4890-B3A2 has three rectifier slots, can support R4830G, R4815N and R4830N, three R4830N rectifiers are configured by default. Monitor SMU01A, SMU01B, SMU01C are also supported, only SMU01A provides WebUI and implements remote unattended management. ETP4890-B3A2 can apply to Huawei OSN8800 OSN3500 MA5800, which provides excellent performance such as intelligent battery management, remote monitoring, etc.

Tech Specs
Input~200~240V, 50/60Hz, 30A Max
Output-48V, 90A Max 
Input voltage frequency50 Hz to 60 Hz

Maximum output power (W)

Dimension (mm)500(W)×370(D)×215(3U,H)
Weight (kg)
≤15 (fully loaded)

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