Fiberhome OLT System Test Procedure

Fiberhome specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products and solutions for optical communication networks. Even though its market share is far less than Huawei, Nokia and ZTE; however, its price advantage and good quality are gaining popularity in more and more regions.

Quality must be the most critical concern for customers who have used it or are considering using it; in this regard, we are constantly improving the pre-sales and after-sales guarantees every year. And in order to contribute to a better customer experience, each Fiberhome OLT will be strictly tested before delivery. This article will introduce the test procedures of the ZTE OLT.

Preparation for the Testing

Software and Hardware Requirements

a) Shelves and boards are connected properly. (take AN5516-04 as an example).

b) The power supply is available, and the device is already started.

c) Fiberhome OLT dedicated serial cable; different brands of OLT use different serial cables. For details, please refer to the article: OLT Serial Cable Description

d)Network management computer and ensure the OMM software is installed. Such as PuTTY, SecureCRT, etc.

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Testing Procedure

Connecting with the Network Management Computer

a) Use the serial port cable to connect the RS-232 serial port of the network management computer and the Console port of the AN5516-04’s active main control

b) On the network management computer, run the terminal tool (take SecureCRT as an example).

c) On the SecureCRT Configuration dialog box, select Connection

d) Select port No. used for the Console port of the core switch card in the drop-down list, such as COM3. Set the Baud Rate to 9600, others by default:

Bits per second: 9600 

Data bits: 8 

Parity: None 

Stop bits: 1 

Flow control: None

e)Click OK, and the Console can be started up


Logging In to the AN5516-04

a) In serial interface mode, press the Enter key, and input the username and the password to log into the CLI network management system.

Login:GEPON // The username is GEPON.

Password:GEPON // The initial password is GEPON.

User>EN //Under common user mode, input the username and the password of the administrator to enter the administrator mode.

Password:GEPON // The initial password of the administrator account is GEPON.

b) After the prompt Admin#appears, then can input command lines to perform network management operations on the AN5516-04

c) InAdmin#mode, run the following commands to get detailed device info

To… Do… Example
Displays cards’ versions to ensure system compatibility and all boards functional.



Run show version command Admin# show version


system device version is:V104R000

CARD            NAME          HARDVER           SOFEVER

1             GCOB  WKE2.201.168S1B           RP1000

2             GCOB  WKE2.201.168S1B           RP1000

3             —-             —-             —-

4             —-             —-             —-

5             —-             —-             —-

6             —-             —-             —-

7             —-             —-             —-

8             —-             —-             —-

9             HSUC  WKE2.201.580R1A           RP1000

10             HSUC  WKE2.201.580R1A           RP1000

11             —-             —-             —-

Displays all equipped cards Run show card  command Admin# showcard



1     YES     GCOB     GCOB       MATCH

2     YES     GCOB     GCOB       MATCH

9     YES     HSUC     HSUC     MATCH/M

10     YES     HSUC     HSUC     MATCH/S

21     YES      FAN      FAN       MATCH

24     YES      PWR      PWR       MATCH

25     —      —      —         —

801     —      —      —         —

Current temperature is 60 C.

FAN 1 speed is 1.

Subframe type is 04.

Displays cards’ serial numbers.


SN will be recorded for warranty purposes.

Run show card serial all command Admin# show card serial all



1         12122546xxxx

2         12134309xxxx







9       12134309xxxx

10      12122660xxxx


Displays Display information about the modules on the cards, including TX power, vendor name, and SN, etc. 1.Run cd service

Command first


2.Run telnet slot x command


3.Run cd pon command


4.Run show  transceiver command


Admin# cd ser

Admin# cd service

Admin\service# telnet slot 1


GCOB# cd pon

GCOB\pon# show transceiver

PON E-FLAG  TX(-4-10) VENDOR            PN                SN                CLASS VENDOR_TYPE

1   EXIST   6.21      Hisense           LTE3680P-BC+2     U948C006643       C++   0

2   EXIST   6.36      Hisense           LTE3680P-BC+2     UBA84017133       C++   0

3   EXIST   6.45      Hisense           LTE3680P-BC+2     U9493003677       C++   0

4   EXIST   6.02      Hisense           LTE3680P-BC+2     UBA84011193       C++   0

5   EXIST   6.03      Hisense           LTE3680P-BC+2     UBA84015322       C++   0

6   EXIST   6.32      Hisense           LTE3680P-BC+2     UBA84028533       C++   0

7   EXIST   6.26      Hisense           LTE3680P-BC+2     U9493000698       C++   0

8   EXIST   6.06      Hisense           LTE3680P-BC+2     UBA84017180       C++   0

Above are the whole test procedures we will do before shipping out the device. OLT system is a very important part of the internet access layer, any failure or malfunction of hardware will cause even more loss.

More important, we will ensure Active/standby control boards are synchronized to the same version in order to switch properly. The mainstream software version will be loaded by default, or you may contact if required following software version: