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FTTx Test Lab Solution, Smallest OLT MA5800-X2 or C620?  

When it comes to starting the internet service, new ISPs are confused about which brand or model OLT to choose for initial lab testing because there are various brands or models such as Huawei, Nokia, ZTE and other not famous brands manufactures.

 This post will introduce you to the cost-efficient FTTx Test Lab solution, majorly by comparing the smallest ports OLTs—Huawei MA5800-X2 VS. ZTE C620 and simultaneously recommending you some hot-selling and mainstream GPON ONTs.


  •  Smallest OLT MA5800-X2 or C620


Huawei MA5800-X2 and ZTE C620 specification comparison is listed below:



Huawei MA5800X2


Single Switching Card Capacity

MPSA: 248 Gbit/s

SPUF: 240 Gbit/s

Upstream ports(Dual Control Boards)

4*GE + 4*10GE/GE


Service slots


GPON/XG(S)-PON ports


GPON cards

16-port GPHF / GPSF / GPUF

16-port GFGH / GFGN / GFGM / GFGL

Combo cards

8-port CGID / 16-port CGHF



2 U (height), 19 inch(width)

Power supply



From the above, it is clear that MA5800-X2 and ZXA10 C620 performance is similar even with the same service slots, supporting GPON or 10G GPON service. But here arises a new question: which one is a better option considering the network CapEx?

The current market situation is that Huawei OLT chassis is cheaper while PON card is higher, but ZTE is, on the contrary, so for the initial lab, the total price of OLT chassis plus PON card is similar.

In most cases, what new ISPs only care about is the initial network Capex and neglect the future business expansion and have to reinvest or change the direction as their business develops, which may lead to extra equipment and labor cost.

But once considering future mass deployment, ZTE OLT is more recommended for you. After all, there are more PON cards needed than chassis with the business development. Choosing ZTE OLT can reduce the network CapEx to the largest degree whether for present GPON or future 10G GPON deployment. Now Huawei 16-port PON Combo card price is over 1.5 times higher than the ZTE one. In addition, ZTE ONT price is also cheaper than Huawei ONT.


  • GPON ONT, Workable with ZXA10 C620


Here we’d like to recommend you some good price and quality ZTE and OEM ONTs, which are compatible with ZTE ZXA10 C620 after passing the test in our lab.


C620 Control Board Version  Tested Compatible ONTs
SPUF V1.2.1

· All ZTE ONTs (F660F670LF601F668F601C…)

· OEM ONTs (TT919G5TT919G7,  TT969GF670F668VHi8141A5…)


In summary, we prefer to recommend you ZTE OLT C620 and ZTE ONT for the lab and future mass deployment. 

If any questions regarding FTTx solution or any technical problems, please contact our professional and experienced team: [email protected]


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