How Do I Apply for a License Change on Huawei Access Controller

To use AC functions (such as the number of access APs or the use of a function) that are controlled by a license, so need to apply for a license, at the same time, to improve the hardware capability (number of spatial streams) of an AP, you also need to apply for an RTU license.

How do I apply for a license change on Huawei Access Controller

When applying for a license file, you need to provide the ESN of a device. The ESN is unique in a license file. Therefore, a license file can be bound with only one ESN. For multiple ESNs, apply for a separate license for each ESN. Cannot multiple ESNs be bound to a License File.

To use the license file of the original device after the device replacement, apply for an ESN change because the ESN of the new device differs from that bound to the license file.

Run the license revoke command to obtain the license revocation code. Submit an ESN change application workflow. Load the new license to the device.

The following items are required to submit an ESN change workflow:

  • Statement of commitment for re-applying for a new license key of Huawei enterprise network products
  • Contract No. and project name
  • Original ESN and new ESN
  • Original license file
  • License revocation code


  1. Run the license revoke command on the AC.

After the license revoke command is executed, the license file enters the trial state (trial period: two months). When the trial period expires, services are interrupted. Exercise caution when you run this command.

<HUAWEI> license revoke Warning: This operation will cause LCS into the TRIAL state. Continue? [Y/N]:y      Info: License revoke success. The revoke ticket is: LIC20120423******:E08EB5B9F003********74C4E0CCD1B1F4******.
  1. Obtain the license revocation code.
  2. <HUAWEI> display license revoke-ticket        Info: The revoke ticket is: LIC20120423******:E08EB5B9F003********74C4E0CCD1B1F4******
  1. Change the ESN.

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