How to add Huawei OLT on U2000 NMS

The U2000 is an equipment management system developed by Huawei. It is also a major future-oriented network management solution that provides powerful element management and network management functions.

In the TMN hierarchy, the U2000 is located at and supports all the functions of the element management and network management layers.

Most of our customers use CLI to manage Huawei OLT, but there are also a small number who prefer to use U2000 for network management. So, in this article, we take Huawei MA5800 X15 as example to introduce how to add Huawei OLT on U2000.


Commission the network management on the MA5800 X15

1.Configure the IP address of the maintenance Ethernet port.

The IP address of the local maintenance Ethernet port of the MA5800 is

huawei(config)#interface meth 0

huawei(config-if-meth0)#ip address



By default, the IP address of the maintenance Ethernet port (ETH port on the control board) is, and the subnet mask is

2.Add a route for the outband network management.

Use the static route. The destination IP address is (the network segment of the U2000), and the gateway IP address is (the IP address of the gateway of the MA5800).

huawei(config)#ip route-static 24

3.Set the SNMP parameters.

a.Configure the community name and the access authority.

huawei(config)#snmp-agent community read public

huawei(config)#snmp-agent community write private


b.Set the SNMP version.

huawei(config)#snmp-agent sys-info version v1

4.Enable the function of sending traps.

On the MA5800, enable the function of sending traps to the U2000.

huawei(config)#snmp-agent trap enable standard

5.Configure the IP address of the destination host for the traps.

When the SNMP V1 is used, the host name is huawei, the IP address of the host is (IP address of the U2000), the trap parameter name is ABC, SNMP version is V1, and the parameter security name is private (the parameter security name is the SNMP community name).

huawei(config)#snmp-agent target-host trap-hostname huawei address

 trap-paramsname ABC

huawei(config)#snmp-agent target-host trap-paramsname

 ABC v1 securityname private


6.Set the IP address of the maintenance Ethernet port as the source IP address for sending traps.

Set the SNMP packets to be forwarded from the maintenance Ethernet port of the MA5800. That is, the source address of the traps is meth 0.

huawei(config)#snmp-agent trap source meth 0

7.Save the data.


Commission the outband network management on the U2000.

1.Configure the gateway of the route from the U2000 to network segment to

In the Windows OS, do as follows:

Run the route add mask command to add a route.

Run the route print command to query the information about the current routing table.

2.Log in to the U2000

3.Enter Main Topology, choose in the Menu Bar, Administration > NE Communicate Parameter > NE Access Protocol Parameters from the main menu (traditional style); alternatively, double-click Fix-Network NE Configuration in Application Center and choose Administration > NE Communicate Parameter > NE Access Protocol Parameters

4.On the tab page that is displayed, click Reset. In the dialog box that is displayed, click the corresponding tab, and then click Add.

5.Set the Template Name: huawei, Get Community: public, and Set Community: private.



The configurations of the Get community name and the Set community name must be the same as the configurations on the MA5800 X15.

6.Click OK

Add Huawei OLT MA5800 X15

1.right click in blank space, choose NEW-NE

2.Choose Access NE- Access NE

3.Set the parameters in right pane

4.Click OK, and wait for some minutes, the system automatically refreshes and displays the device icon once it’s done.

So far, Huawei MA5800 X15 has been successfully added on U2000, you can double-click the MA5800 X15 NE icon to check the configuration and manage it. If any question, please feel free to contact our support team:

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