How to Configure a 10G GPON Coard on Huawei OLT via Command Line?


With the development of optical network, 10GPON or XG-PON becomes more and more popular. Most operators and ISPs are deploying 10G GPON in their network to meet their subscriber’s needs.


Then how to configure 10G GPON board on Huawei MA5600T or MA5800 series OLT via command line? Same with GPON service configuration? You will be clear after viewing below contents.

Adding a Board

Here take XGBD (MA5600T 8-port 10GPON OLT Interface Board) and MA5683T for an example.


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Adding XGBD through either of the following methods:

XGBD Front Panel.jpg

1, manually inserting a board: If XGBD data has already to be configured in MA5683T, manually insert XGBD into the OLT Chassis.

2, Adding a board offline: If XGBD needs to be pre-configured, add XGBD offline.


In global config mode, run the board add frameid/slotidboard-type command to add a 10G GPON service board.

After a board is successfully added offline, the board status is Failed. However, you can still configure or query data on the board.

After a user manually inserts a board (the board type must be the same as that of the board added offline), the board status changes to Normal. Data configured for the board takes effect immediately after the configuration.

Configuring the Working Mode

Configure the working mode of XGBD based on actual requirements. The PON system supports the following modes:

1, GPON mode

2, XG-PON mode, also called 10G GPON mode

Commands related to the working mode of XGBD are as follows:

In diagnosis mode, run the display gpon board workmode command to query the working mode of XGBD.

In diagnosis mode, run the gpon board workmode,command to configure the working mode of XGBD.


10G GPON service board works in XG-PON mode by default.

Now you can follow this article to configure 10G GPON board on Huawei OLT. No matter XGHD configured on MA5800 or XGBD configured on MA5600T, command lines are the same. If still questions or problems during operation, you can contact for further assistant.

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