How to configure DHCP on OLT?

DHCP Option 82 is a user security mechanism, which encapsulates the user access information obtained by access devices through relay agent info option (RAIO) into the Option 82 field of the DHCP request packets sent from a user. The data is encapsulated in the format specified by customers.

This facilitates the upper-layer authentication server to authenticate users and prevents user account theft and roaming. In this article, we choose Huawei MA5683T for testing, to show you how to configure DHCP on a Huawei MA5683T OLT.

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Enable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Option 82 on the MA5683T. This configuration is recommended for the DHCP-based Internet access service.

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1.Enable DHCP Option 82 on the MA5683T (support by Thunder-link).

DHCP Option 82 can be enabled or disabled at four levels: global, port, VLAN, and service port levels. This function takes effect only after it is enabled at the four levels.

Among the four levels, DHCP Option 82 is disabled only at the global level by default.

The global level: In global config mode, run the DHCP option82 command to enable DHCP Option 82 at the global level.

When you run this command, select the enable, forward, or rebuild parameter based on site requirements. The three parameters can all enable DHCP Option 82 but provide different packet processing policies on the MA5683T. For details, see the DHCP option82 command.

The port level: In global config mode, run the DHCP option82 port or DHCP option82 board command to enable DHCP Option 82 at the port level.

The VLAN level:

a. In global config mode, run the VLAN service-profile command to create a VLAN service profile.

b. Run the DHCP option82 enable command to enable DHCP Option 82 at the VLAN level.

c. Run the commit command to make the profile configuration take effect.

d. Run the quit command to quit the VLAN service profile mode.

e. Run the VLAN bind service-profile command to bind the created VLAN service profile to a VLAN.

The service port level: In global config mode, run the DHCP option82 service-port command to enable DHCP Option 82 at the service port level.

2.On the MA5683T, run the DHCP-option82 permit-forwarding service-port command with the enable parameter selected, to allow ONT DHCP packets to carry Option 82 information.


1. Check the DHCP status of MA5683T

THUNDER_LINK_OLT_MA5683T(config)#display dhcp option82 config 
     DHCP option82 is disabled 
     Maximum length of DHCP packet is 1500 bytes
     DHCP Sub-Option7 is disabled 
     DHCP Sub-Option90 is disabled

2. Check the MAC address learning of the used VLAN

THUNDER_LINK_OLT_MA5683T(config)#display mac-address vlan 491
     -    -   eth  0046-4bbc-b2c1 dynamic  0 /9 /0   -    -         491
     0    -   gpon ec55-f9c3-3da6 dynamic  0 /4 /0   30   1         491
     Total: 2
     Note: F--Frame, S--Slot, P--Port, F/S/P indicates PW Index for PW,
     A--The MAC address is learned or configured on the aggregation port,
     VPI indicates ONT ID for PON, VCI indicates GEM index for GPON,
     v/e--vlan/encap, pri-tag--priority-tagged,
     ppp--pppoe, ip--ipoe, ip4--ipv4oe, ip6--ipv6oe

3. enable the function of MA5683T

THUNDER_LINK_OLT_MA5683T(config)#dhcp option82 enable
THUNDER_LINK_OLT_MA5683T(config)#display dhcp option82 config
       DHCP option82 is enabled 
       Maximum length of DHCP packet is 1500 bytes
       DHCP Sub-Option7 is disabled 
       DHCP Sub-Option90 is disabled

4. enable DHCP on service-port

THUNDER_LINK_OLT_MA5683T(config)#dhcp option82 service-port 0 enable
THUNDER_LINK_OLT_MA5683T(config)#display dhcp option82 service-port all
       Service-  F /S /P   VPI   VCI   Flow        Flow           Option82 
       portID                          Type        Para 
       0         0 /4 /0   30    1      vlan        491            Enable
       Note: F--Frame, S--Slot, P--Port,
       VPI indicates ONT ID for PON, VCI indicates GEM index for GPON

5. Check the configure result on SW

[Thunder_link_SW_3328]display arp
     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------    0046-4bbc-b2c1         I -  Vlanif491    ec55-f9c3-3da6  18     D-0  GE0/0/1
     Total:6         Dynamic:1       Static:0    Interface:5 
       PING 56  data bytes, press CTRL_C to break
       Reply from bytes=56 Sequence=1 ttl=128 time=1 ms
       Reply from bytes=56 Sequence=2 ttl=128 time=1 ms
       Reply from bytes=56 Sequence=3 ttl=128 time=1 ms
       Reply from bytes=56 Sequence=4 ttl=128 time=1 ms
       Reply from bytes=56 Sequence=5 ttl=128 time=1 ms
--- ping statistics ---
       5 packet(s) transmitted
       5 packet(s) received
       0.00% packet loss
       round-trip min/avg/max = 1/1/1 ms
Main code on SW side:
     ip pool test491
network mask
interface Vlanif491
ip address
dhcp select global
Main code on OLT side :
service-port 0 vlan 491 gpon 0/4/0 ont 30 gemport 1 multi-service user-vlan 491 tag-transform translate
dhcp option82 service-port 0 enable
dhcp option82 enable

Through above operations, DHCP can be successfully configured on Huawei MA5608T/MA5683T/MA5680T/MA5800 series OLT, it ensures the user access security. Hope this article can help you with your business.

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