How to Configure the Wavelength of OTN Transponder Board?

An OTU (Optical Transponder Unit) board converts client-side services into standard optical signals after performing mapping, convergence, and other procedures. The board also performs the reverse process. A transponder board has both the client-side and the WDM-side. In this article we will take the TN13LSXT01 board as example to show you how to configure the wavelength of a transponder board.



1.Check whether the WDM-side is tunable wavelengths


Method 1. Navigator

a.Connect the OSN 8800 to the network port of the PC directly.

b.Remove the original IP address, and add a new IP address 129.9.0.N, where N is an integer from 1 to 255. Enter in the subnet mask filed.

c.Starting the Navigator, searching the IP address which you added before, 129.9.0.N. Click connect and login.

d.Run the command :cfg-get-phybd and :cfg-get-board-info:N (slot No. ) to check the board information, which displays whether the WDM-side is tunable wavelengths or fixed wavelength.


Method 2. U2000

a.Starting the U2000 client and login.

b.Click Main Topology, and double click the NE icon of OSN 8800

c.Right click the LSX board, choose Board Manufacturer Information. The Board Manufacturer Information displays specific information of a board, including the optical modules.

The WDM-Side is tunable wavelengths


After confirmed the WDM-side is tunable wavelength, not fixed. We can configure the Wavelength No./Wavelength (nm)/Frequency (THz) according to our needs.


2.Configure the receive wavelength

a.Right click the LSX board, choose WDM configuration

b.Select By Board/Port (Channel) and Advanced Attributes

c.Select the Planned Band Type first, then you can choose the appropriate Wavelength No./Wavelength (nm)/Frequency (THz) according to the needs of your project. Click Apply at last.


C band

Value Range

Default Value


192.10 to 1196.05(wavelength spacing: 50 GHz)



CWDM band

Value Range

Default Value


1271 to 1611(wavelength spacing: 20 nm)


In fiber-optic communications, WDM is a technology which multiplexes a number of optical carrier signals onto a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths (i.e., colors) of laser light. It plays big role in fiber-optic communication. If the wavelength of a transponder board is incorrectly set, the downstream services may not be normally received. In this situation, we can follow the above operations to configure the wavelength by ourselves. Regarding U2000 acquisition and more questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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