How to Login Huawei Equipment Through the Local Serial Port?

In some circumstances, you need to maintain and manage the Huawei equipment (include OLT / ONU / Switch / Router…) locally. In this article, we will describe how to log in to the system through the local serial port in details.

Material preparation:

1. Hardware: Computer, serial port cable, a serial port turn USB cable (computer without RS232 interface). An RS-232 serial port cable (one end with an RJ-45 connector and the other end with a DB-9 or DB-25 female connector)

2. Software: serial port driver (with serial port), Secure CRT or HyperTerminal application.


1. Hardware condition:

Serial port cable (the Console line, RJ45 – RS232 line configuration):

RJ45 - RS232 line pic.jpg

USB turn serial port USB-RS232 cable

USB-RS232 cable pic

USB-RS232 cable pic.jpg

Connection mode: RJ45 connector connected to the Console port equipment, through RS232 joint connection among them, the USB is connected to the computer.

2.  Software configuration:

Secure CRT (also can use software such as Hyper Terminal or putty to replace)

Secure CRT pic.jpg

Download and install the software, select the default Settings.

After installed the software, needed to be even good situation in the Console line,

RS232 turn USB cable driver load is normal, and from my computer – device manager can read

out the inserted COM port, for the next steps.

Inserted COM port pic.jpg

Click in sequence: File – the Quick Connect, new connection option, use serial protocol,

Port is read out by the previous step of native COM Port, it is assumed that as the COM8, baud rate to 9600 – bit/s, bits of 8, no parity, stop bit is 1, no data flow control.

After click connection, which will be shown below, enter account and password interface.

Serial COM8 pic.jpg


(1) The baud rate of the CRT (or Hyper Terminal) must be the same as the baud rate of the serial port on the equipment. By default, the baud rate of the serial port is 9600 bit/s.

(2) Select the right serial port that is connected to the equipment. You can select COM1 or COM2 (here, use COM8 as an example).

(3) If illegible characters are displayed on the CRT (or Hyper Terminal) interface after you log in to the system, it is generally because the baud rate of the CRT (or Hyper Terminal) is different from the baud rate of the different equipment. In this case, set the consistent baud rate for the CRT (or Hyper Terminal) to log in to the system. The system supports the baud rates of 9600 bit/s, 19200 bit/s, 38400 bit/s, 57600 bit/s, and 115200 bit/s.

According to the steps and operations shown above, you can log in to the system through the local serial port in order to maintain and manage the Huawei equipment locally. If any question, please feel free to contact for help.

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